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New Age Movement

Religion: Independent Study Unit

Rizalyne Anne

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of New Age Movement

New Age Spirituality Thesis Question: What does New Age offer its followers? What is the New Age belief? No form of structure or beliefs or leaderships Conclusion Is its eclectic and individual nature responsible for its growth/popularity? To be able to follow different spiritual approaches in life It's a spiritual movement whose purpose is to seek the Universal Truth, and for each human being to reach its highest potential. What is "New Age?" or also known as the Age of Aquarius Eclectic Adjective
Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. Noun
A person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources /i'klektik/ Is it's eclectic and individual nature responsible for its growth/popularity? I do believe so: the secularization of the western world no form of structure or beliefs or leadership rituals The Secularization of the Western World Adherents belonging to other religious faith started searching for something new and different. Why Age of Aquarius? Every two millennium, followers believe that the earth passes into a new sign of the zodiac. Therefore, presently we are living in the Age of Aquarius Individuals are encourage to "shop" for the beliefs and practices that they feel most comfortable with It is also believed that the Age of Aquarius is supposed to bring peace, enlightenment and to reunite man with God. This type of practice is quickly growing in the Western world. Exactly why? New Age focus on thinking rather than forming an institution or sects Literally, New Age has no founder, church, creed, dogma, organization, membership, or leadership 1. All is one - all reality is part of the whole

2. Everything is God and God is everything

3. Man is God or part of God

4. Man never dies

5. Man can create his own reality. Frequency of religious attendence, 1985 to 2005 With all four reasons, people started leaving their religion or become secular. Many think that religious people are hypocritical and judgmental Religious leaders are too focused on power and money Reasons why people leave their religion Astrology Crystals Religious organizations focus too much on rules and are simply hard to follow Canada's decline in Catholicism The sense of freedom Canada like any other country in the world is experiencing lack of presence in the Catholic faith CBC News:
"Only 32% go to church regularly [2000], compared to 75% in the 1950s." Weekly attendance in church has been declining for many decades and it continues to fall General Society Survey (GSS):
"21% of Canadians aged 15+ reported they attended a religious service at least once a week in 2005, down from 30% in 1985"
"At the same time, the share of Canadians indicating that they never attended religious services in the previous year increased in the past couple of decades." Self-discovery and enlightenment Being one with God It is more like you either agree with the teachings or you don't Where did all the New Age beliefs origin? New Agers takes practices, beliefs, and philosophical ideas from every religion in the world Many experts believe that New Age Spirituality originates in eastern religion and astrology It takes ideas from: Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Astrology, Channeling, Crystals, etc. All the basic beliefs of New Age are taken from Buddhism and Hinduism. The teachings are recycled and Westernized. The idea of, "All is one," has been reformed and phrase like "We are reincarnated selves" in the New Age communities New Agers also refers to Christianity. "I and the Father are one." (John 10:30) New Agers use this verse to remind themselves that Jesus knew he was divine, so therefore they are too. New Agers preach that in the Hebrew Scriptures all humans are divine but we fail to notice it. They also refer to the Genesis; that we, humans, are all image of God. Promotes unity and love towards everyone and everything that consists of life New Age is the embodiment of a wide variety of spiritual and occult ideologies New Ager believes that every person have a higher self Every man is capable of being divine and achieving perfection Reject God as a being, instead New Agers describe God as an 'it.' The practice of Astrology (horoscope/zodiac signs) is the number one priority for New Agers. New Agers believe that crystals have the ability to heal human psychology; therefore this practice is common to the community Crystals sucks all the negative energy from a person and leaving them only the positive ones. To remove all the negative energies, the crystals have to be washed in salt water Channeling Meditation & Yoga Rituals New Agers, uses the practice of channeling to be connected with the spirits, because spirits have messages. Messages containing various explanation about how one can reach its highest potential Channeling New Agers, uses the practice of channeling to be connected with the spirits, because spirits have messages. Messages containing various explanation about how one can reach its highest potential Meditation & Yoga It is practiced to bring peace and unity for one's inner soul For some, they believe that they are better off without religion. Meaning, that they can still achieve good morals without teachings Astrology is the art of divination. It teaches that the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets and their relation to one another influences the destiny of mankind. New Age is a different form religious movement that got people attracted to it because of its unique way of teaching and the idea vast syncretism THANK YOU ALL FOR LISTENING! 0
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