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Actions/Inactions: Doubt

(*Originally prepared for a junior high audience at First Baptist Hesperia.) Doubt is not sin: it is the fight for belief soon followed by a decision: will I believe God who is Truth, or will I become the reference point for that which is true?

Emmanuel Boston

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Actions/Inactions: Doubt

When you age, the same things do not go away, they only change form... and there's a lot more of them... The world only gets bigger, not smaller
and it gives you a chance to see the
bigness of God and his world,
to be lost in worship...
a freedom of
Teen Issues are Life Issues
Go down a little deeper, and you find the perspective: the way in which you view the world we inhabit... this is very hard to know until you are confronted with opposing views.
The Perspective
Typical worldly perspectives:
This is it/all that matters
God's job is to be nice
God wants me to be nice
Nobody cares

Typical Christian perspectives
God is good, perfect, able
We are destined for more
We have failed
Christ has succeeded
Even deeper than the perspective is the god you worship...
The god(s)
There are only two options:


These are usually only visible beneath the surface, through good conversation or soul searching...

But occasionally they pop up out of the water--what do you argue about/what do you get excited about?
Typical worldly passions:

Typical Christian passions:
Worship of self can look quite different depending on which idol you use to serve yourself... Idols are typically GOOD things, made into an ultimate thing. Family, friends, behavior, talent, animals, food, money, sex, peace, pleasure, etc.
Why do I do things I do?
These are visible above the surface
I know the way things should be
A self-defined vocabulary:
Love = makes me feel good... truth = what feels 'right'...
God = the gift-giver... human = perfectly fine
Rejection of God
God is the source of all goodness, beauty, truth, and life... he is powerful and wise; and he declares the way things are
A God-defined vocabulary:

Love = choosing the best for the other even if it hurts me or my relationship with them...

Truth = whatever is properly aligned to God

God = holy; the creator and sustainer of all, eternal and infinite in goodness and glory, wisdom and power

Human = finite beings endowed with responsibility of representing God upon the earth, but fallen
Rejection of my idolatrous notions/ incorrect thoughts, wants, and behavior; self-forgetful worship of God and love of others
at the moment of sin there is always faithlessness:
at that moment...
you don't believe God is God
you do believe something else
doubt is the fight, the struggle between God and false gods. Doubt is not unbelief, it is the belief that something is worth believing. The benefit of doubt brings questions your assumptions. Assumptions that may need to change, and if they don't change, they are all the more yours because you have fought, protected, and defended them from thieves.
It always comes back to Who God is & what he has done.
The world around us points to reality (Rom.1, Ps.19)
We trust him as a loving father (Mt.6)
and just judge (Gen.18) and holy King (Is.6)
and victorious warrior (Rev.19)
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