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Bach in Time: The Evolution of Styles in Classical Music

A session for students Grades 6-8. An introduction to the role of music history, and how to approach music from the Baroque and Classical eras. Prepared for the first in Musica Sinfonietta's lecture series, Jan. 16, 2011.

Andrew Filmer

on 13 January 2011

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Transcript of Bach in Time: The Evolution of Styles in Classical Music

Who, When, Why Instrumentation Genre Compositional Style Romantic Contemporary New and Exciting Old and Exciting too New and Exciting New and Exciting New and Exciting Baroque Classical THE BAROQUE ERA
and chamber music
sonata di chiesa
sonata da camera
concerto grosso THE CLASSICAL PERIOD:
the development of
the symphony THE ROMANTIC ERA
and the solo concerto INTO THE 20th CENTURY: breaking boundaries Practical Theory History of Music Style: Performance Not just notes, not just reproduction,
but interpretation Technique, execution How the notes fit together Context: the story behind the music What What Original, say something with the music Graphics:
University of Missouri
DePaul University
Mozart Orchestra, Vienna MUSIC HISTORY The New Frontier:
Exploration Expansion, Conflict
and Competition Counterpoint: Dialogue BACH IN TIME:
The Evolution of Styles in Classical Music Andrew Filmer
New Zealand International Doctoral Scholar
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