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Muscular System

No description

Rebekah Roberts

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Muscular System

Muscular System
Various Muscles
There are many muscles in the system.
Here are some of them.
Beceps Brachii

composed of 600 muscles
1/2 of your bodies weight is muscle
muscles can pull but never push
What it is and Does

it is responsible for all of the movement in your body
it helps you walk, run, jump, blink, swallow, and speak
Tricepes Brachii
Latissimus Dorsi
Special Notes

Muscles never push because the origin is relatively immoveable
but they do contract and relax
consisting of 650 muscles the muscular system is 1/2 or 50% of the bodies weight.
By: Jacob G. and Rebekah
0. deltoid
1. occipitalis
2. trapezius
3. trapezius
4. latissimus dorsi
5. trapezius
6. latissimus dorsi
7. latissimus dorsi
8. trapezius
9. biceps brachii
10. biceps brachii
11. triceps brachii
12. triceps brachii
13. biceps brachii
14. biceps brachii
15. biceps brachii
16. deloid
17. triceps brachii
18. pectorals
19. pectorals
20. pectorals
21. abdominals
22. abdominals
23. abdominals
24. gluteals
25. gluuteals
26. quadriceps
27. sartorius
28. Hamstrings
29. gastrocnemius (calf muscle)
30. Achilles tendon
Hypertrophy and Atrophy
Hypertrophy is the enlargement of an organ or tissue from the increase in size of its cells.

Atrophy is the wasting of loss or muscle tissue.

More Facts
A organ system is an group of organs that work together to preform a specific function.
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