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Mathematician Biography Project

Florence Nightingale

Nilka Torres

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Mathematician Biography Project

Early Life Family Early Education Contributions to other subjects Mathematical Contributions Work Cited In 1860, Florence attended a school called St. Thomas Hospital in London, England. There she studied professional nursing. St. Thomas Hospital was the first non-religious school in the world. Florence word was used by new nurses, which is named in her honor, and is celebrated around the world on her birthday. Her way of changing people's actions included healthier healthcare for the british society., and also to better poverty in India. She helped to approve and direct laws. One for example, prostitution that was extremely bitter to women.. She also expanded female participation in many different ways. The name Nightingale basically comes from Florence's biological great grandmother's family. Her dad's last name was originally Shore. He had taken the last name Nightingale when he achieved his great uncle (Peter Nightingale) lands. Other than that Flo was never married and she had no children. - www.biography.com Nilka T. & Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. Out of 2 children she was the youngest one. Nightingale's family attended social circles. Her mom Frances spoke to a family that sells goods. Frances took pride in gathering with people. Florence hated her mothers interest in gathering with people. Florence was awkward in gathering situations. She tried to ignore being the center of attention. Florence oftenly argued with her mother, because Flo founded her a very controlling person. Like any one child or daughter Flo was impatient to please her mother.Her father William Nightingale was an independent landowner. He was involved in "anti-slavery" movements. Flo was close to her dad. William didn't have a son so he treated her much like a friend. He was accountable for her education. Because of that he taught her Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian, History, Philosophy, and Math. Florence is remembered for her nursing skills,but few knew her love for math, and how it helped her. Florence begged her parents for her to study mathematics instead of practicing quadrilles. Her mom did not allow her, even doe her dad loved mathematics he thought that she should study something more appropriate for women . Florence never gave up she kept begging. Her parents later agreed for her to be tutored mathematics. Her lessons included learning arithmetic, geometry and algebra and prior to that Nightingale entered nursing, she spent time tutoring kids in these subjects. Florence was very religious. Later on in life she believed she heard her calling from God. Florence developed the "polar-area diagram" to dramatize the deaths caused by unsanitary conditions. Florence became interested in nursing at age seventeenn.She worked as a volunteer in village schools and the neighborhood poor in England.Her nurses training included a short time with Sisters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, in Egypt, and a few months at a hospital called Kaiserswerth in Germany. her work in military hospitals during the Crimean War set the stage for her career as a reformer, educator and leader in nursing. Due to all her work Florence Nightingale is referred to as "The founder of modern nursing" and is known as one of the best to ever live. On August 13, 1910 Florence died of an illness called cholera,she died at age 90. Mariel C . Florence Nightingale 'Lady with the Lamp' She was nicknamed 'Lady with the lamp' cause she would always give nightly rounds, He other nickname was 'Flo'. - www.victorianweb.org -www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk -wikipedia.org
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