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Surf Rock

No description

Glenna Harris

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Surf Rock

Surf Rock Gidget Surf Rock exists in two forms: Vocal and Instrumental Dick Dale Decline of Beach Boys Beach Boys Today The Ventures General Characteristics: Most popular vocal surf rock group
Had a much longer career than other vocal surf rock groups
Many single and album releases
Classic lineup: Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine
Brian was the principal songwriter Born in Boston in 1937
most influential surf rocker
"King of the Surf Guitar"
origin of surf music
Band called the Del-Tones
Sound developed from sounds of ocean Seattle based
Considered the most influential instrumental rock group
formed by guitarists Don Wilson and Bob Bogle
influenced upcoming surf rock groups, but not considered an actual surf rock group Brian experimented with drugs and became reclusive
Began working on extremely experimental album "Smile"
Brian's experimental direction caused rift between himself and the other band members
Albums "Surf’s Up" and "Holland", didn’t do well commercially,
returned to the surfer style
In 1983 Dennis Wilson drowned after drinking too much alcohol
IN 1998 Carl Wilson died from lung cancer
Recently celebrated 50th anniversary in 2012
Brian rejoined group for tour in 2012 Surf Rock developed from the surfing subculture that had its own language, fashions and behaviors. Beach movies (1959 to 1965) helped increase the popularity of the Surf Rock musical style. Twangy, treble-oriented electric guitar sound
heavy reverb
electric keyboards in band
fast-paced tempo
backbeat that emphasizes two quick beats on beat two and one beat on beat four
lyrics are about surfing Listening: Chantay's Pipeline http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=ZFucCXherLg Use of electric keyboards
twangy guitar sound
reverb http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=owq7hgzna3E The Chantays band formed in 1961 by a group of high school friends from Santa Ana, CA
only rock and roll band to perform on Lawrence Welk show
their song 'Pipeline' is known as a surf rock standard AND is one of the 500 songs that shaped rock and roll http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=_qtMcOuoKmU Listening: 'Walk Don't Run' by the Ventures twangy guitar sound
use of tremolo bar (creates vibrato on guitar) to bend notes and chords
strong reverb Dick Dale's Musical Style trebly, tinny guitar tone
heavy use of reverb
fast, staccato double picking style, similar to mandolin
Begins musical sections with descending chromatic scale on high pitched strings(sounds like waves over your head)
sometimes plays descending chromatic slide on low strings (sounds like waves crashing)
Incorporates Middle Eastern melodies/ scales and Spanish flamenco guitar melodies/scales What makes Dick Dale so cool? He played his Fender Stratocaster, "the beast" left handed without reversing the strings
he blew up 49 of Fender's amps and speakers while developing his sound
so Dick and Fender designed the Dick Dale Transformer, which peaks at 180 watts
influenced heavy metal
Wrote and recorded Disney Land's Space Mountain theme
Defined Surf Rock http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=aq2FWo_XEUY Listening: Let's go Trippin (Beginning of Surf Rock) http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=4TzFI534jDY Miserlou (Copied in Pipeline, first recording with Fender reverb unit) http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=KLxqm7ey4Nw "Richard Monsour" Pulp Fiction http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?v=gg2e78DakfA Vocal Surf Rock Groups Jan and Dean duo Surf City
The Little Old Lady from Pasadena
Dead Man's Curve http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=3up5Lbbq8nw http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=fYxPgFUjDpA The Legend Begins.... formed in 1961 in Hawthorne, CA
first known as Pendletones and recorded covers
original instrumentation: vocals, bass, lead guitar, drums, rhythm guitar
Al Jardine replaced David Marks in 1962
signed to Capital Records in 1962 Brian Wilson Carl Wilson Dennis Wilson bass, vocal lead guitar, vocal drums, vocal Mike Love (cousin) vocal David Marks (next door neighbor) rhythm guitar,
vocal Al Jardine (friend) Documentary on Surf Culture and Brian Wilson Beginnings Beach Boys Musical Style high lead vocal accompanied by 4 vocalists in close harmony
twangy guitar sound with a little reverb
lead guitar style that imitates Chuck berry
Brian was influenced by singing style of soft vocal groups (Four Freshman)
3 style periods:
surfer music (1962-1966)
experimental style (1966-1972)
return to surf style (1972 to present) Surfer Period Surfin' Safari (first national success)
Surfin' USA (influenced by Chuck Berry)
Surfer Girl
In My Room http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=z-9iVzOftNA Listening: Surfin' Safari nasally vocal style
Chuck Berry rock sound Listening: Surfin' USA Chuck Berry opening
close harmony in background vocals http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=2fGaBv8pAMA Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen" http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=OhcDCZv1mwY Listening: Surfer Girl Brian Wilson's falsetto lead vocals http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=aXCOafmCyO4 Barbershop Influence on Brian Wilson http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=xPAY-tm-MQk Listening: In My Room addition of orchestral instruments
lyrics http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=l71pbhqnvNM Post Surfer Experimental Period Brian heavily influenced by Phil Spector (wall of sound)
thick orchestral sounds
layering of tracks
album "Pet Sounds"
"Good Vibrations" Wouldn't It Be Nice http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=T0spkrwl9Qk God Only Knows http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=AOMyS78o5YI Listening: Good Vibrations Considered the Beach Boys masterpiece
Production took 6 months
Instrumentation: organ, theremin, cellos, tambourine, harmonica, sleigh bells, maracas, oboe http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=NwrKKbaClME http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=sASd3ubyLoI Recording Session Footage http://www.cleanvideosearch.com/media/action/yt/watch?videoId=grbJzPwgAVg
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