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Lionel Messi

No description

Michael Chong

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi's life is remarkable in many ways.
One way is that he is one of the world's best
soccer players. Another is that he is very famous.
He has won many awards such as the Ballon d'Or which is given to the best soccer players. He currently has four and has won more than any
other soccer player.
Michael Chong
Period 5
Written by:
"You have to fight to reach your
dreams. You have to sacrifice and
work hard for it."
1. In what ways was his/her life remarkable?

2. In what ways was his/her life none too pleasant?
He was not as privileged because his family was not as rich. He was also not able to make many friends because of his shyness. Because of this, he often felt lonely, or left out. He never wanted to play when he was in a bad mood.
3. In what ways was his or her life
One way he is admirable is because he never gave up. Even though he was not able to do as much. Because his family couldn't afford to send him to a grade A club, he kept on training and practicing. He was eventually accepted into Barcelona's training camp.
4. What were some major events that were important in this person's life?
Winning the Ballon d'Or was a major event in Lionel's life. He did not ever expect to be this good, or famous, so this was a very big surprise to him. This award made him try even harder so he could get it again next time.
5. Is there any family member or friend who helped shape this person's life when they were young?
When Messi was in kindergarten, he did not talk at all. One of his classmates, a girl spoke for him and encouraged him to be out going and friendly. I believe without her, Lionel would
never be where he is today.
6. What human qualities (characteristics) were most influential in shaping the way this person lived and influenced his/her times?
I believe his most influential characteristic was his perseverance. Without it, he would never have been the person he is today. He always kept pushing on no matter the circumstances. The only thing that would stop him from playing is severe body injuries.
7. Which quality or trait proved most troubling and difficult? Why?

I believe his shyness was most troubling because it prevented him from making friends. He would be lonely and it put him in a bad mood. He also can't be in commercials because he is camera-shy and he requires a double to do it for him.
8. What quality or trait was most beneficial?

His determination helped him get far in life. Without it, I believe he would not be where he is today. He possibly would have given up and he would not be a soccer player today.
9. Did this person make any major mistakes or bad decisions? If so,what were they and how would you have chosen to act differently if you were in his/her shoes?
He did not make any major mistakes or bad decisions. Most of his mistakes were small little things that did not have a lasting effect on his life.
10. What are two or three most important
lessons you or any other young person might learn from they way this person lived?
One important lesson anyone can learn from Messi is to never give up. No matter what the circumstances are you should never give up. Another lesson anyone can learn from him is to follow your dreams. As Messi did, he always practiced, played, and studied soccer.
11. An older person or mentor is often very important in shaping the lives of gifted people by providing guidance and encouragement. To what extent might that be true of your person? Explain.
Messi did not have an older mentor, but a classmate/teammate who helped him. When Messi was at Barcelona's training camp, this teammate encouraged him to make friends and and guided him through school. When he played soccer, they would always want to be on each others team. He taught Messi the value of having relationships with friends.
12. Many people act out a "code" or a set of beliefs, which dictate choices. It may be religion or politics or a personal philosophy. To what extent did you person act by a code or act independently of any set of beliefs? Were there times when the code was challenged and impossible to follow?
Lionel Messi was always a quiet and shy person. He always let others speak first. This was challenged during commercial shoots because he would be to camera shy to say or do anything. Because of this he required a double.
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