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WAD_Literature Review

Literature Review MA TEFL Bilkent University

Sertaç Özkul

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of WAD_Literature Review

Writing a Literature Review Tufan Tığlı
Sertaç Özkul

Bilkent University 1. How to search and review the literature effectively

2. Writing the "Literature Review Chapter"

3. Synthesizing the literature 1.Effective Literature
Search 2. Writing the Literature Review The body Not too complicated! Summary Types of Sources:
Online the introduction
the body
the summary Introduction Use headings
Use transitions "a. organize your material in a funnel
b. be selective
c. make an outline
d. write the introduction
e. use headings
f. use transitions
g. write a summary
h. be careful not to plagiarize"
(Lunenberg&Irvy, 2008:143) Search engines
Online Libraries
Indexing Services Brief introduction (1-3 parag.)
Describe the scope and organization of the review
Sequence of the review (Advance Organizer) Research problem + key variables "What you told the audience" "The summary provides an overview of the historical, theoretical, and empirical literature that supports your investigation"
(Lunenberg&Irby, 2008:152) Synthesizing the literature "Keleş found..." "Tığlı argues..." "Özkul claims... "Müftüoğlu says..." "Ortaçtepe stated... "Yetkin found..." Historical context
Gaps in the literature
Different approach
Trends and themes
Reporting practical significance
Reconciling conflicting theories
Using tables
Inconsistent findings
Continuing line of inquiry How to synthesize? Thanks for listening... Library
Handbooks and Encyclopedias
Annual Reviews
Review Articles
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