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Looking for Alaska

No description

C P.

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Looking for Alaska

Looking For Alaska By John Green Miles Halter (Pudge) Alaska Young Chip Martin (The Colonel) Alaska is a petite seventeen year old girl, she has green eyes, a wide smile and a loud voice. Personality Traits
Determined Alaska main motivation is to finish her "Life Library" this a collection of books she has been collecting since she was nine. Another motivation is to get past the "Labyrinth of life" this is interpreted differently depending on the character, and nobody really understands what she means by it. Chip is a junior who barely reaches five feet and is extremely muscular, this is why his nickname is the Colonel, he has a Napoleon complex. He hates anybody that's rich and is a self proclaimed and recognized genius. Personality Traits
Angry Chip himself has very few motivations. All he really wants to do is be able to provide his mother the life he thinks she deserves. He feels the need to protect everyone and make sure they are safe. Miles is a transfer student to Culver Creek, he is sick of his life at home in Florida where he feels he has no friends and nobody cares about him. When he transfers he realizes that, that might not be the case. Personality Traits
Impressionable Miles's motivation is to have someone love him. He wants to be remembered and to have people recognize what he does as important. He dislikes being ignored and uncared for. He is often needy. Plot Exposition.
The setting of the book is a boarding school. This results in the characters having large control of their lives and having much power over their adult counter parts because, unlike a more controlled atmosphere, being smart will get you everywhere and sometimes, you can be too smart for your own good. The book starts with extremely awkward Miles who wants a group of friends he can truly fit in with. The setting creates almost a spark in Miles that gives him the ability to realize who he truly is. Plot Details
The School is in Southern Alabama
The Culver Creek is a boarding school
It is most students goal to plan pranks and go down in the school's history to pull the best prank
Most people are not transfer students
There are two cast's of people, "Week Day Warriors" and the normal people Plot Why these details are important.
The location of the school affects how many of the students act, for instance there are a few southern students who are in their element such as Chip and Alaska, southern students who don't have much southern culture such as Miles and there are students who are from other countries or states and don't understand much about the culture.
Since Culver Creek is a boarding school the students have a large amount of control that they wouldn't otherwise have.
The students want to make a legacy of themselves for pulling the greatest pranks in the history of the school. This causes a power struggle between social casts within the school.
Since students are not normally transfer students, Miles sticks out compared to other students and despite being immediately welcomed by his roommate and by extension his friends, most of the other students dislike him.
The two casts have a longstanding power struggle against each other that causes anger for Chip and Miles later in the book. Rising Action Miles is "pranked" (this is code for almost killed) by a group of people who dislike his roommate
His roommate chooses to prank the people who almost killed Miles.
This creates tension between the "Weekday Warriors" and his roommate
They choose to carry out the prank with help of his roommates friends Climax They execute the prank which involves setting of fire crackers, dying peoples hair weird colors. Falling Action The prank goes perfectly with only a few bumps in the road that involve a swan bite and after spending a night telling stories about the best and worst days of their lives, getting drunk and sleeping they live to tell the (not actually tell) story of how they pulled the best prank in Culver Creek history All Rainbows and Candy Canes right? Wrong!! Rising Action Miles suppresses his feelings for Alaska throughout the entire book.
He does everything she says without question involving blowing off his mother and father for Thanksgiving.
This gives him the idea that Alaska truly cares for him.
Despite everyone telling him, including Alaska herself, that she isn't good for him he is lead on by her.
They go forth with the prank Alaska has planned out hoping it will put them all in Culver Creek History. Climax While everyone talks about the best and worst days of their lives they all realize why Alaska behaves the way she does. They spend the night heavily drinking and later return to their dorm rooms waiting to see if they get caught for their prank. Super Double Climax Something Happens to Alaska. I would tell you but that would ruin the book. Resolution The boys realize that there is nothing they can do to help or heal themselves after what happened. They instead choose to strengthen her memory by pulling a prank on one of the most sacred, and boring days at Culver Creek. It's after this that they can come to terms with what happened to Alaska. Conflicts!! Man vs. Self
Man vs. (Wo)man Man vs. Self Man vs. Self is the stronger of the two conflicts. Miles struggles with deciding who he truly is and what he truly wants. He also must learn his true values and come to terms with what he believes happens in life after death. Man vs. (Wo)man Despite the fact that Alaska herself is not the villain of the book, the inner struggle Mile's has with himself would not exist if caused by her. The character must comes to terms with the fact that she will never truly love him and has a sort of inability to love anyone but herself. Opinions!!! I thought the book gave meaningful life lessons in an accessible and realistic way. Unlike most "school stories" the author shows themes that are useful in everyday life such as, What happens when given too much power, and what exactly is the meaning of life, and is it possible to achieve it. I enjoyed the book and would probably read it again. I would recommend this book to other students because it has strong life lessons and values hidden within a book that is enjoyable and not difficult to read. Theme!! The life lesson in this book is figuring out who you are and what you want in life as you grow up. This book shows the growth of three characters and how they learn to deal with one another, when things are good and things are bad. How they cope and how they are able get over things that have shaped and changed them when they were younger. Other themes in this book are, what happens after death, and what is our purpose in life. The characters ponder over these things throughout the book and this is what shapes their individual growth and their growth as friends.
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