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Famous People With Metal Disorders

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Bryan Walker

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Famous People With Metal Disorders

Famous People with Mental Disorders BY: Bryan Walker
& Matt Grabowski Famous people with
mood disorders Mood is the way a person feels inside, the experience of emotion, sustained and predominant internal emotional experience. A mood disorder is characterized by a disturbance in this mood.

Almost 44 million Americans experience some type of mental disorder. In fact, mental illnesses are among the most common conditions affecting health today.

Researchers believe most serious mental illnesses are caused by complex imbalances in the brain's chemical activity. They also believe environmental factors can play a part in triggering, or cushioning against, the onset of mental illness.
Most mental illnesses can be treated. People who have mental illnesses, even serious ones, can lead productive lives with proper treatment. Mood disorders are one form of serious mental illness.

Two of the most common mood disorders are depression and bipolar disorder
Britney Spears has uncomfirmed Bipolar disorder. It is a serious mental disorder characterized by mood swings between extreme depression and mania. Harrison Ford suffered from depression in his youth and would sleep long hours during the day. He got over it when he took drama class and overcame his fears. Ben Stiller stated that he has bipolar disorder which is an illness that ran in his family. He is recovering. Jim Carrey used to be depressed when he was younger because poverty stressed his family, but now he loves life and does not do drugs or alcohol. Drew Carey has tried to commit suicide twice by taking large doses of sleeping pills because he has always been mad at the world. His father died when he was 8 which caused him to become so depressed. He is constantly on the road to recovery by reading books and writing his comedy scripts. Billy Joel tried to commit suicide by drinking furniture polish. He used to be depressed but is doing better that he is semi-retired and continues to write/perform. Kurt Cobain battled depression and eventually took his life. People with OCD Leonardo DiCaprio revealed he suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. He has to force himself not to step on every chewing gum stain when walking along, and fights urges to walk through a doorway several times because he doesnt want his condition taking over his life. Howard Hughes was developed debilitating symptoms of social avoidance behavior and OCD. Martin Scorsese is considered to be one of the most influencial film maker of this era. He often makes movies based on intelligent people with flaws or diseases. He himself suffers from OCD. This may aid him in understanding the characters in his movies. Michael Jackson suffered from Body Dismorphic Disorder, and because of it had over 30 cosmetic surgeries and would never take his make up off even when going to bed. The symptoms of BDD are the same as OCD except one must constantly change their apperance. Billy Bob Thornton says he suffers from OCD in many ways. He says he can explain the simple ones, but the more complex ones he has no idea how to tell any body so he tries to keep it to himself. He has become close friends with Warren Zevon after they began sharing their similar OCD stories. Cameron Diaz has publicly admitted she habitually rubs doorknobs so hard before opening doors, that the original paint fades afterwards. She does this in order to clean the door before opening them. She says she washes her hands many times per day and uses her elbows to open doors. Cameron now thinks that she has "made peace with her ocd" David Beckham suffers from OCD. He constantly makes sure everything is clean and perfect around him. Anything out of order is enough to anger him and he must fix it immediately. An example that he shared is everything must be in pairs. If there are 3 books on a table, he will either add 1 or take 1 away. Only 2% of the population suffers from this strong OCD. Famous schizophrenics
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