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Assignment 4 BKEY401

No description

salome houta

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Assignment 4 BKEY401

Phones 4u is one of the leading independent mobile phone retailers in the UK.
It is part of the 4u Group.
Since opening in 1996, it has expanded to over 600 stores throughout the UK.
The company is working with 5 networks: EE, orange, Vodafone, T-mobile, LIFE mobile
Brief description
Inflation rate highly decreased in 2009.
correlation between the inflation decrease and the company turnover.
the mobile phone market saturated in the UK in 2009.
In relation to inflation
Financial performance
Phones 4 u turnover increased from 2008 to 2012 by 44%.
the index without the inflation influence is lower than the one including it.
the index without inflation shows that the turnover is not as considerable as it seem with an increase of only 27% between 2008 and 2012.
Competition turnover
Competition turnover
turnover (th GBP)
Competition turnover: indexes
turnover indexes ( base=2008)
Phone 4 u and T-mobile are the most competitive and the less competitive ones
O2 has the biggest turnover but its turnover is decreasing since 2010
T-mobile and orange have the lowest and steadiest ones
Phones 4 u is the only one increasing

-High inflation rates for 2008 strike the number of employees which fell to 3957.
The inflation diminishes and a growth is marked in the number of employees (2012).
P4U employs over 6000 people nationwide
Turnover: good increase of turnover since 2008 which gives them the opportunity to recover from the crisis from 2007.
Costs: the costs of sales also increased markedly, majorly because of the acquisition of new stores around the country.
The profits have increased but not on a regular trend, they increased in 2008 but in 2009 the were not increasing then in 2010 they increased again and in 2011 went down again, now in 2012 the profits are at the highest point they had been since 2007.
Market shares
More than 80% of the market is between Carphone warehouse, independent retailers, EE, Phones 4U and O2. Giving Phones 4U the fourth position as biggest mobile retailer with a 12.5% of market shares.
Market shares
passionate about technology
Customer segment:
sell only the latest mobile phones across all major networks and brands
excellent customer service ( best high street retailer 2 years running)
creation of a new insurance for customers
engaging social media
excellent marketing campains.
Market shares
External Factors
Political factors
- regulations
- infrastructure

Economical factors
- global crisis 2007-2010
- inflation

Technological factors
- innovations

Social factors
- changing work patterns
- population ageing
Assignment 4 BKEY401
Professional competences presentation

Salome Houta: 145061241
Diego Clerc: 145808661
Hristo Velichkov: 143057621

SOURCE: Login to Mintel Oxygen - Mintel Group Ltd.. 2014. Login to Mintel Oxygen - Mintel Group Ltd.. [ONLINE] Available at: http://academic.mintel.com/display/609639/. [Accessed 26 March 2014].
Turnover, costs & profits
Financal performance
Number of employees
Recommendations & Conclusion
Phones 4 u should extend his partnership with the other networks in the UK
The sector being very competitive, it should keep innovating and being in front
As they had customer complaints in the past, they should be very close to their customer and listen to them
Phones 4 u should try to enter on the European market
The company is doing well overall, however it should pay attention to the competition to stay among the leading independent mobile retailers.
Q & A

Financial Perfomance
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