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Rube Goldberg

No description

Emily Huynh

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Rube Goldberg

by Emily Huynh and Marisa Rael Rube Goldberg Brainstorm 1. First, the plan was to have dominoes fall into a cup, free falling onto a ruler that bounces a ball up to hit a remote. What ideas didn't work? Steps What ideas worked? What was changed along the way? Steps What did we learn? We found this quote to be especially true during the course of our Rube Goldberg trials. This is because after so many thoughts and ideas that didn’t work we were desperate to just get it to all go right. After and throughout the duration of our project, we discovered the following ideas worked: The hammer depressing the lever through the help of string and book. The machine stumbled through a lot of problems: The see-saw type contraption with the tripod was planned to depress the lever of the toaster. It was difficult because nothing could be used to release the weight from one side so that the other side would fall pull down the lever. Also, we were relying on a golf ball to release the weight from the first side of the see-saw, and that didn't work because there wasn't enough momentum to complete the task. Free fall was changed twice. First, the free fall of the cup was going to fall on a ruler held up by books and then on the other end of the ruler would have a ball that flies up and hit a remote. Second idea was that from the cup falling onto the car's remote to a ball rolling from one ramp and falling onto another ramp. A lot was changed through frustration: We built ramps out of cardboard that helped guide where the ball would go. We used dominoes to hit something small first then leading up to being able to knock down a heavier object. The wooden stick and a TV remote was able to bring the ball up to knock down the dominoes. The ball knocking over the dominoes instead of bullets from the Nerf gun. The Nerf gun was our first idea to be used as projectile when the bullet comes out but the bullet was not at one exact place. The bullet would shoot too far or too short and it wasn't even a 50/50 chance of hitting the dominoes down. The RC car would sometimes go at a constant velocity and sometimes it wouldn't pull the trigger of the Nerf gun. The cup that falls on top of the car's remote would sometimes flip the switch up to get the RC car going, but then sometimes the switch doesn't go up. The ball that is planned to hit the dominoes without any support on the sides did not knock down the dominoes. It would also go in a different direction and not straight. The catapult was made to do projectile but the ball on the spoon would go backwards and we couldn't think of a way to have the spoon pulled down really hard and then let go for the ball to fly outwards. The projectile was changed from Nerf gun to mouse trap to a wooden stick and a remote. The wooden stick and remote were set as a cross and taped so it would be stable. Then a string was tied onto the wooden stick and a boat and a ball was placed on the boat. So when the book falls down onto the wooden stick, the other side of the stick would lift up, having the boat fly upwards and the ball fly outwards towards the dominoes. The constant velocity was changed from an RC car to a ball rolling on the ground at the constant speed. This was definitely easier because the RC car would sometimes not be constant. The see-saw was changed to a simple hammer that will pull the lever of the toaster down. The ball will hit the book that holds up the hammer and the book will fall down, causing the hammer to fall down as well, depressing the lever. 1. The ball gets dropped from the top of the ramp. 2. The ball goes down the ramp, speeding up, presenting acceleration. 3. The ball collides with the dominoes, then the dominoes hits the books. 4. The book falls onto the wooden stick. 5. The stick goes up, causing the ball on the boat fly out showing projectile. 6. The ball hits the dominoes and the dominoes hits down the ball. 7. The ball gets pushed down the ramp and in the circular motion of how the ramp is set. 10. The ball shows Newton's 2nd law by hitting the book. 8. The ball gets to the end of the high ramp and free falls into another ramp below. 9. The ball rolls out of the ramp in a constant velocity. 11. The book falls down and the hammer depresses the lever of the toaster and toasts the slices of bread. We both suffered through the saying, "failing to plan is planning to fail." From the start of the project, we had no ideas on what to do and just put random steps together. Finally we both sat down and planned everything to have the mandatory steps. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”-- Albert Einstein Overall, this entire project was really frustrating and difficult because things didn't work and a lot of steps had to be changed. Hours and hours were put on this project. Patience is key, but it's so hard especially when the machine doesn't go the way when planned. Also, when planning on what to do, have the objects that's needed for the project beforehand to help set out how the machine will be. 2. We changed it up where it all begins in the kitchen where a ball collides with the dominoes, the dominoes fall into a cup, the cup falls on top of the car remote. When the car remote switches up, the car in the family room starts going in a constant velocity, pulling the trigger through the string that is tied to the Nerf gun and the car. The Nerf gun then shoots at the kitchen table that is filled with dominoes, the dominoes pushes down a ball and it accelerates down a ramp. The ramp has a circular turn and once it gets towards the end, it hits dominoes. The dominoes hits the ball and the ball hits the ruler, causing the weight to fall off and the other side of the see-saw falls onto the toaster. 3. Since the Nerf gun didn't work out, a mouse trap was planned to use as projectile. The beginning would start with a ball going at a constant velocity, then it hits the mouse trap. The mouse trap launches a ball that hits the dominoes and same thing occurs except for the toaster idea. 4. Since there was no acceleration, the sketch was changed again, starting with a tall ramp and a ball going down it. d 5. Then the mouse trap was changed into a catapult.
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