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Comparison between Knights and Samurai

No description

Kelly Trieu

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Comparison between Knights and Samurai

Medieval Europe Project
Comparison between Knights and Samurai
-Expected to be an noble
Code of Bushido and Chivalry
Samurai have rules that they must follow called "Bushido". Knights are the same, but their rule is different. Knight follow the Chivalry.
There were many tactics in battle. Cheating, ambushing and straight-on attacking.
Significant People
-Some had no rank
-On the same level in the
Bushido means "The way of the Warrior"
Bushido is not some little rules, it is rules that the samurai must follow. These rules are:

Chivalry is a set of strict rules that knights must follow. These rules are:

-Spend time hunting
-Takes part in joust
-Take part in tournament and challenges
-They do Kendo
-They take part tournaments
Samurai rather tend to use weapon range tactics.
When they are in far from the enemy, the samurai would use bows and arrows. When they are in close range they start using their swords (Katana).
Knights tend to charge in small groups and before the actually charge they look fierce to make the enemy feel nervous. As for weapons tactics they:
-Stick sharp wooden sticks into the ground
-Dig holes on battlefields
-Send dozen of arrows
The similarity with knights and samurai is that they both serve and fight for a lord.
The only difference is that, when a samurai loses in a battle they would rather have seppuku than to lose it's honor. As for knights, if the knight was someone important they they could be freed upon ransom.
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Legends and Chronicles.
Samurai Warriors.

-Short sleeved Kimono
-Billowing Pataloons

-Chain mail armour
-Full body armour
-Made out of metal, iron and leather
-Purpose is to protect yourselves
Weapons are the most important equipment that both samurai and knights must have since they are most fighting. The weapons are made out of metal or iron by constant folding and hammering when the iron/metal is really hot. Weapons are made to protect yourselves. These include:
Samurai: They use Katana which is a type of sword. The samurai look after their swords very well since their swords are their life and honor.
Knights: Knights have lots of weapons like: a mace, battle axes, spears and many more. Knights use any weapons which is good to kill and carry.
Date Masamune:
-He lost his right eye
-Became an fearful man
-Soon after, he pledged loyalty to Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Tokugawa Ieyasu:
-An emperor
-One of the three great samurais of all history
Takeda Shingen:
-Was a very powerful man
-Stood out a lot
-His clan could boost a military, even stronger than Oda & Tokugawa clan
-Was the only daimyo who could go against Oda Nobunaga

Toyotomi Hideyoshi:
-Born as a peasant
-Carried no samurai lineage
-People thought it was impossible for him to become an formidable general and innovative leader but he did.
Oda Nobunaga:
-The strongest and most cunning samurai in history
-One of the great samurai
-Recognizable in Japanese history
King Arthur:
-Most legendary Knight
Sir Lancelot:
-The bravest and most brilliant of Arthur's Knights
-One of the greatest warriors of all time
Sir Galahad:
-Lancelot's son
-Most perfect, pure and chivalrous knight
Rodrigo de Vivar
-Legendary Spanish knight
-Won all the battles
-El Cid is his nickname that other knights gave him
Prince Edward (the black Prince)
-English knight
-Won in battles even though there were twice as many they had.
Knight's Weapons
Samurai's Weapons
Date Masamune
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Takeda Shingen
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Oda Nobunaga
King Arthur
Sir Lancelot
Sir Galahad
Rodrigo de Vivar
Prince Edward
(The Black Prince)
Japan Feudalism
Europe Feudalism
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