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Types Of Information

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Types Of Information

Types Of Information Written information can be easily refereed to- You can go back and check it again
You can easily see who it has came from and keep it as a record
You can go and check how reliable it is Written You can get a response straight away
Allows the chance to get to know people
You can give or get advice and guidance,
Discussion is made easier. Oral Information is easy to remember
It is a good way to stress certain points you wish to make. Pictorial
Good way to display complicated information
Allows comparisons to be easily made. Graphical Numerical
Allows for forecasting, calculations, and comparing different courses of action if used with a spreadsheet programme Oral-Face-to-face,over the telephone ect Letters,Memos,Reports,Notices ect Pictures can give the idea much faster than trying to explain it to them Charts and graphs make it easier for people to understand, especially when there are a lot of numbers involved Rows and colums of numbers produced in a certain way to aid understanding, for example, the financial accounts of a business. Questions 1.What type of information is, face-to-face, over to the telephone? 2.what is pictorial
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