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Liz has Ideas - Ideate - Design Thinking

Ideas on how Liz can transition from school to work

Zulfiqar Tahir

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Liz has Ideas - Ideate - Design Thinking

Avoid working
needs a way to
practice & showcase her work life skills
academic & work lives appreciate these skills and experience differently.
The PROBLEM !!!!
Tether to a successful person
Join a family business
Use technology to help get adjusted
Do a personal SWOT to work match
Use implants to enhance performance
Pop some pills
Follow the effort not the dreams
Start own work (entrepreneurship)
Ask for (seek) mentoring
Try internship
Volunteer to get exposure
Win awards to gain work freedom
Try activism to influence work practices
Use social sharing boards
Manage virtual image
Create & practice elevator speeches
Start own work
Devise a personal strategy
Stalk your future co-workers
Marry the Boss
Learn Voodoo & hex anyone that annoys
Use personal favors (or promise of...)
Do some stupid stuff to gain notoriety
Send a minion to work instead
Lie and / or cheat
Placements based on profile
Social profiling
"work" exams
Develop elimination rounds
Secret Student SWOT
Brand the students
Link grades to jobs
Run work camps like gulags
Compulsory work while at college
Torment a sub-group
Create Support Groups
Create dorm room support
Develop & offer a mentoring program
Offer "real" fake work
Help with mock interviews
Create job placement programs
Create games to deal with rejection
Develop career centers
Help develop individual game plans
Use fake roommates to give advice
Try brain modification with implants
Add mood altering drugs to the water
Hoodwink students into fake work
Admit only professional students
Influence behavior with fake girl/boyfriends
"Marry" each student to a behavior robot
Obsessively track & correct every word & action
Hypnotize the students
Secretly place students at work
Ideas can be
sweet (aww...)
scary (yikes...)
creepy (eww...)
What can Liz Do?
What can College Do?
Create mock work centers
Offer internships
Run counseling centers at work
Develop personal development plans
Offer work shadowing
Offer work virtually (2nd Life work)
Post videos of work
Offer free form work (make your own job)
Create a welcoming committee
Develop a mentoring program

Punish those that don't fit
Hire only clones
Place agents at schools to gain insight

Track potential employees

Do a daily psych test
Hold hostage as slaves
Get parents & loved ones to influence worker
Get everyone to spy on each other

Practice nepotism
Do personality tests
Develop programs to fail
Do fitness for work tests
Create a draft system (worst work picks first)
Micromanage everything
Use social sharing boards
Run a worst work center to prepare students
Run work universities (like Wawa university)
Incoming new hires start a new business
Hire from school then send to college
What can Work Do?
Diss work so you don't have to..
And some that just didn't fit
in my neat boxes
Independent career experience centers
Counseling at school by work
Last semester is at work
Work - School partner programs
Develop an act & join the circus
Oh no... I have TMIS
Too Many
deas Syndrome

are these not enough creepy ideas?
don't count this one
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