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Copy of Flipping Learning on it's Head!

Flipped Classroom Prezi for Staff Development

Jamie Gwidt

on 19 August 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Flipping Learning on it's Head!


Teacher Replacement
Only for the tech-savy
A way to cover more material
One size fits all
Assignment driven
What it isn't?
Organized chaos
Student-driven & differentiated
Focused on learning, not grades
Projects/Labs/Enriching Activities
Objective based to Mastery
What it should be...
Student-centered learning(self-paced)
Increase rigor in classroom
Better utilization of time in class
Why I Changed?
What does it look like?
Your own videos
Khan Academy
YouTube/iTunes search
Peer Instruction
Instructional Options:
What Students Are Saying...
4 Flipped Models
Tools for Implementation
Lessons Learned So Far . . .
More meaningful class time
Everyone has access (school computers)
Every student, every day_ Face to Face
Students taking responsibility for their learning
Flipped Learning Network
Course: Foundations of Flipped Learning
More Information:
What It Looked Like Before:
Step 1: Classroom Engagement Activity
Step 2: Explanation at home(the flip)
Step 3: Classroom Application

Looks Like: Inquiry-based activity to grab students & get them thinking about content. Direct instruction via video. Further application/lab the next day in class.
1: Traditional Flip
Step 1: Homework Explanation (the flip)
Step 2: Classroom Application

Looks Like: Students watch videos for HW with guided notes. Class time is for student-centered activities & more practice content.
2: Explore - Flip - Apply
Step 1-2: Engage & Explore are Inquiry-Based
Step 3: Explanation from revisits to videos
Step 4: Elaborate via Project/Lab
Step 5: Evaluation

Looks Like: Students use self-evaluation tools at home(Moodle). Students take responsibility for learning. Evolution of learning process & long-term learning outcomes.
3: Pre-Mastery Flip
Step 1: Engage in Classroom
Step 2: Explore home & in class
Step 3: Explain via Video
Step 4: Elaborate in Classroom

Looks Like: Inquiry-based warm-up. Use technology or lab in-class for further self-exploration of content. Short content at home w/own questions for next class. Application in class.
4: Flipped Mastery
Production (Camera & Computer)
Sharing (Website or YouTube)
Accountability (Guided Notes, Google Docs, One Note)
amie Gwidt
Progress Village Middle
Magnet School of The Arts

What do you Know
about the Flipped
Classroom model?
"YouTube Revolution"
My Journey . . .
Idea: April, 2012
PD: Summer 2012
1st Implementation: Fall, 2012
Builds Relationships
Voice & Picture
Tech.-Camtasia 8.0 & Power Point
Keeping It Simple
Absent student (Zip Drives)
Parent Buy-In
"This makes it easier."
"I re-watched the videos before the Midterm."
"I like that there's no 'homework'. The videos are easy. Class is fun."
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