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New Harmony,New Harmony,IN

No description

Jalen Smith

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of New Harmony,New Harmony,IN

New Harmony,New Harmony,IN
Utopian Project
By: Alijah Patterson and Jalen Smith

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Marriage Guide lines
In this community marriage is an option. You marriage as you choose. If you aren't married you will be able to hold children in your household. There are 9.9% women with out husbands present.
New Harmony was the first city in the US to have a public school system for boys and girls. They have well-established school teachers who were largely known in their fields. New Harmony's school system have improved since then.
Medical Guide Lines
They have hospitals just like we do . But they do have guidelines for disabled people in the community. The city has to approve you for a weel chair. THey also have a specific company.
Basic Community rules and Laws.
This community is called a community of equality. They make sure everyone was equal. There is no separation. Everyone must be treated fair.
Family Guidelines
There are no guide lines for the families but in each family households there must be one man one woman. There is no limit to children
Careers in New Harmony are chosen by the citizens. Once the citizens graduate college they can choose their own careers for life.
Religious Beliefs
New Harmony has many different religions in their town here are some of them:

Catholic- 22.74%
LDS- 0.56%
Baptist- 6.90%
Episcopalian- 0.73%
The history of education at New Harmony involves several teachers who were already well-established in their fields before they moved to New Harmony, largely through the efforts of William Maclure. New Harmony schools became the first public schools in the United States open to boys and girls
Government Guidelines
Settled in 1814, New Harmony was first a spiritual sanctuary for the Harmony Society and then a haven for international scientists and scholars led by Robert Owen in 1825. Just like every other city they have a mayor, a city council, a county sheriff, etc.
New Harmony Today
New Harmony back then
the old houses
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