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Mcdonalds Cross-Training Schema

A guide that showcases how Learning Management Systems can effectively be used to provide cross-training solutions for Mcdonalds employees

christine t

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Mcdonalds Cross-Training Schema

Educational Problem Metime Website Delivery Rationale Solution: LMS Pedagogy Login
Security Personalised Centralised Learning Hub Food safety and Hygiene Food Making Procedures Machinery Procedures INTRODUCTION Advantages 1: Metime LMS Accessibility Instant tracking Immediate Evaluation Continuous Proficiency Regulatory & Legal Compliance Advantages 2: Reduces Absenteesim/
Improves worker morale Promotes Knowledge-Sharing Improves profit margins A learning hub that connects many resources togeather Diversity of modules - optional/core Activities Games Simulations Video E-books Blogs In-built chatroom Podcasts Standardizes Learning Feedback Incentives Modules Me-time
Learning Hub
PROBLEMS Time consuming Costly Training Online Cross Training Programme Not all employees are fully trained in the functions of the workplace Shortage of staff available to fill in shifts due to lack of knowledge in 'back-area' or 'front-area'. Barriers Organisation Cost Learner difficulties Technology: Can feel lost without guidance Learners might not be self-directed Not comfortable with technology Have difficulties what is learnt online to the job Money spent teaching, updating and creating LMS ongoing Attitudes - skepticism / prefer traditional
Learning tool becomes big brother = employee resentment Technical problems takes away immersion Content created by software experts might not be 'pedgogical' Lack of feedback
ROI must justify quickly LMS existence Poor participation organisation culture needs to change E-learning Sequence Behaviourist Approach Task Oriented Activites Inefficiency in service Unhappy customers Poor Quality Lack in working as a team Stress and disconnection Absenteeism Delivery Rationale Barriers Pedagogy LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM peer pressure Visual pre-view Introduction
Cross-Training Program Who are the Learners? 14-25 year old crew members New staff current casual staff
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