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Champion Districts

No description

Tetchie Daguman-Concepcion

on 5 April 2014

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Transcript of Champion Districts

Benchmarks for Champion Districts
Achieve an attendance of 20 members & guests at 2 or more discussion mtgs during the year.
Statistics Database
"The database generates reports pertaining to attendance, Gohonzon conferrals and publications.
The system is also being updated to add 4 divisional leadership
as well as names of groups
Data Entry
Zone & Territory staff members will input leadership and group information
Key Factors
District teams will be notified by the Territory office and the awards will be presented at World Peace Prayer meetings.
How are Champion Districts reported?
To have accurate and timely reporting of data..
All pertinent data must be entered by the 3rd week of each month.
Song Interpretation
This Song Is About A Girl Who Doesn't Get To Make Choices For Herself And Stood Quiet and Just Took That Other People Controlled Her She Was Afraid Of Change In Her Life Example :
"I Stood For Nothing So I Fell For Everything."


: "Scared To Rock The Boat And Make A Mess."
Eventually She Got Fed Up And And Did What Was Best For Her And Her Life And She Doesn't Care If She Upsets The people Around Her Example :
"Like Thunder Gonna Shake Your Ground."
Enable 20 members & guests to subscribe to the publications.
Enable 2 guests to receive the Gohonzon & start practicing.
Appoint a 4 Divisional Leadership Team
Develop 2 functioning groups
Champion Districts
We are the Champions of the World!
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