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Blanche Taylor Moore

Cara is cool and this isn't good enough for her

Kayla Plotner

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Blanche Taylor Moore

A Deadly Collapse After the honeymoon, Taylor ate a chicken
sandwich made by Blanche, and collapses. Blanche's Overlapping Relationships Blanche Taylor Moore The Black Widow Setting the era 1960's-1990's
Arsenic easily obtainable
First man in space
JFK was shot References Forensic Technology of the Time 911
better body armor
pepper spray
computer involvement doctors found traces of arsenic in his body he had survived the largest dose of arsenic Early Life... born February 17, 1933
Raised by her father P.D Kiser
Father was a minister, yet a womanizer and alcoholic
Was abusive and forced Blanche into prostitution James Taylor Blanche's first husband was James Napoleon Taylor
Had 2 kids with him
Was also a minister and alcoholic
Blanche was having an affair during their marriage
Shortly after affair, Taylor died of a "Heart Attack" Blanche's Overlapping Relationships Raymond Reid was Blanches lover during her 1st marriage
After Taylor's death, the couple began to date publicly
During relationship with Reid, Blanche began affair with Kevin Denton, her manager at Kroger Blanche's Overlapping Relationships (Continued) Blanche filed a lawsuit for sexual harassment against Denton and Kroger
Other accusations where made towards multiple other people by Blanche
During all of this, she met Reverend Dwight Moore, while still dating Reid Blanche and Reid were planning to marry, but date was constantly being postponed
Reid developed Shingles and Guillain-Barre Syndrome
Reid died on October 7, 1986 Blanche's Overlapping Relationships Blanche began to date Reverend Moore publicly and Wedding date was set
Health Complications pushed wedding date to April Suspicions Arise Authorities became suspicious of Blanche when they discovered that at the time of a previous husband's death, she tried to change his pension so that she was the primary receiver of the money Questions arose from authorities, so examinations began on the bodies related to Blanche Forensic Evidence\Making Connections Autopsies showed elevated levels of arsenic in all of the bodies
While Reid was hospitalized, toxicology reports were ordered
Reports showed immense amounts of Arsenic in his system
Reports never made it back to Chain of Command Theories James Taylor- suspected to die of a heart attack
Raymond Reid- "cause of death" was Gullain-Barre Syndrome
Reverend Moore-Intestinal Ailments. He collapsed, but didn't die No other suspects were questioned Theories (Continued) FBI had said that both Reverend Moore and Reid could have been taking arsenic for depression, but it was highly improbable
Blanche made multiple excuses and denied everything
She even tried to cover up what she did by cutting\hiding the hair of victims Characteristics of Arsenic Killer Mentally unstable
Hard and abusive upbringing
Makes excuses
Makes false accusations Investigators In the end... Assumptions were made that she also killed her father, based on their circumstances ~Blanche was arrested July 18, 1989
~She was charged with first-degree murder of Raymond Reid
~On January 18th, Blanche was sentenced to death by lethal injection
~Blanche currently resides in the North Carolina Correctional Insititute for women In the end... ~Because of the automatic appeals in progress, Blanche has avoided excecution for 20 years
~Blanche maintains her innocence to this day
~ In 1993 a book was made about Blanche's murders called "Preacher's girl"
~A movie was also made, named, "The Black Widow Murders: The Blanche Taylor Moore Story" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blanche_Taylor_Moore#Trial.2C_conviction_and_sentence


http://murderpedia.org/female.M/m/moore-blanche-taylor.htm Speculated Murders ~During the investigation of Blanche several other bodies were dug up.
~The studies of the bodies show arsenic posioning in both her father, P.D. Kiser and her first husband, James Taylor
~There are other victims, close friends and family who have died mysteriously and arsenic poisoning has been found in the bodies, including her mother-in-law Isla Taylor North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Andrea Abbate
Cara Wolcott
Kayla Plotner
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