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Taxation Without Representation

No description

Christopher Lara

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of Taxation Without Representation

Were Colonists correct in being upset at the taxes? Why of why not?
- Passed in 1764
- Taxed molasses and sugar imported by colonists
- Designed to raise money in the colonies

Which One
Which act do you think was worse? The Stamp Act or the Townshend Acts? Why?
Colonists Upset
- No one asked colonists if they wanted to be taxed
- Had no representation in parliament
- Samuel Adams started the slogan "Taxation without Representation"

Think About It
Did the colonist overreact to the taxation? why or why not
The Sugar Act
Methods of Protest
Stamp Act
Taxation without Representation
- Boycott: people refused to buy British goods

- First boycott was in New York in 1765

- Tar and Feathering: pour hot tar on people then feather them.
- Passed in 1765

- Required colonists to buy a stamp every time they bought paper items

- Fines and jail time were punishment

- Colonists refused to buy stamps

- Parliament repealed the Act in 1766
Townshend Acts
- Passed in 1767
- Taxed glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea
- Colonists respond with boycotts
- British troops arrive in 1768
Boston Tea Party
- Political protest by the Sons of Liberty

- Occurred December 16, 1773

- Protesting taxing the tea

- Colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped tea into Boston Harbor
Boston Massacre
- March 5, 1770

- Occurred in Boston

- British "fired" on crowd of colonists killing 5 people

- Colonists called it a massacre

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