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Proposal for Online Air Ticketing System

No description

Henna Chua

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Proposal for Online Air Ticketing System

Proposal for Online Air Ticketing System
Existing System Description
Project Scope

Project Resources, Project Estimation &Project Scheduling
Budget Estimation
Project Resources
Project Schedule

Feasibility Studies
Economy Feasibility
Technical Feasibility
Social Feasibility
Operational Feasibility

Staff Organization and Management Issue
Team Configuration and Management
Management Reporting and Comunication

Tracking Control and Mechanism
Quality Assurance and Control
Software Quality Assurance Plan Proposals
Change Management and Control
-Booking confirmation
-Payment card selection
-Database stores purchase information
-Self print ticket

6 members
12 weeks
3weeks planning
3 weeks specification
4 weeks development
2 weeks validation

+ve NPV, high ROI, 2yr payback
able support large number of users and
transactions at the same time
Customers no longer need to queue
System is user friendly – low learning curve
Simplify transactions

-Database store login detail
-Allow registration of new members
-Flight schedule/ticketing
-Allow search using simple selection
-Seat selection
-Food selection (vege/non-vege)
-Book hotel / taxi

System Description

Implement an online system to enable users purchase tickets and check flight schedules
Create user friendly online system with low learning curve
Create a system which is more reliable
Ease users with added functions in the system (book hotel and taxi)

Project Objectives

Manual system
-Need to go counter and queue up
-Transaction time long
-Easy to happen errors
-New system
-No need go to counter/queue up
-More efficient (process multiple transactions)
-Less error happen (customer can check)
-Extra function (book hotel and taxi)
Problem/Opportunity statement

Basic functions:
Purchase air ticket online
Check flight schedule
Registration of new members
Extra functions:
Book hotel
Book taxi

Existing System Description - Abstract

To determine the ability of our system in protecting data and maintaining its functionality.
Aim to break the system’s security

Security Testing

To determine whether our system has met its performance requirements
Use specialized simulation software
Things to be tested
-Time required for the system to complete specified --operations,
-Response time to user interaction,
- Number of transactions per second, and etc

Performance Testing

To let users to test and evaluate our system
Several considerations that are to be tested:
-User familiarity,
-User Interface consistency,
-Errors Notifications,
-Recoverability, and
-User diversity

Usability Testing

To test whether our system had provided all behaviors required
Search for defects and variances between the actual operation and expected requirements.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing
Usability Testing
Performance Testing
Security Testing

Software and system testing requirements

Fast response time
Able to utilize the resources of the computer
Provide correct response according to users’ actions.


Process the orders accurately throughout the system
Able to handle different situation


Authentication and authorization


NOTHING is redundant in the user interface
Informative and meaningful messages
HELP button



System non-functional requirements

System non-functional requirements
Software and System Testing requirements

Software Quality Assurance Plan Proposal

Go through testing and debugging
Test the systems by individual modules
Combine all the modules
Troubleshoot the problem and fix it before go through final testing.
Test our security system
Test our e-payment function
Make sure our time and date up to date
If want to change certain aspect, we will do if there is only minor change.

Quality Assurance & Control

If company management decides to change the idea of the whole project, we will rearrange meetings and discuss with your new management.

Management Reporting

Main core of the system
Responsible to develop the system and program the software.
Emphasis on user-friendly software


Research and Development
Manage quantitative, qualitative projects by playing an active role in the presentation to the client.
Design complex questionnaires and add value to presentations
Formulate conclusions or even recommendations

R&D Manager

Create, design and tweak user interfaces.
Assess and evaluate competitors' designs and try to maintain current user interface design and behavioral consistency.
Design an interlink of platforms including smartphones, tablets to the software platform.

User Interface Designer

Make sure that the departmental standards and principles are actively enforced.
Make sure the features that are developed by the team are produced in the highest quality in the fastest possible time

Lead Developer

Drive the testing process through development and execution during joint development of the project.
Find Potential problems and bugs
Issue feedback to Project Manager and solve the problems with all the programmers

Test Specialist

Ensure the project will meet the end users’ expectations
Test and maintain the software feature used by the company.

Quality Manager

Coordinate activities of team members
Define scope of the project and develop the project schedule
Identify and deal with the risk
Set the standards and principles

Project Manager

Project Manager
Quality Manager
Test Specialist
Lead Developer
User Interface Designer
Research Development Manager

Staff Position

Facebook group

Report to the highest management via
Email : Once every few days
Team meeting: Once a week
Management Communication

Economy Feasibility
NPV = RM50569.50; ROI = 30.88%
Technical Feasibility
Visual Basic Programming Language
- Login Details
- Booking Information
Moderate Speed
Up to 1000 users surfing simultaneously
Social Feasibility
Aid Customers
Flight Purchase Anytime, Anywhere
User friendly

Minumum staff training
Does not affect staff, but ease them
Operational Feasibility
Increase profit
Maintain sustainability
Same operational structure
Windows® XP (no extra $$)
Scope of staff
Minumum training
Types of Benefits:
Tangible Benefits
Intangible Benefit
Reduced Staff Cost
Risk of Customers Not Showing Up
Increase Sales Revenue
Better Company Image
Customers' Confidence towards Company
Improve Staff Morale
Motivates Staff
Satisfying Customer Service
EAF = 1.12 * 0.98* 1.18* 0.97* 1.11* 0.98*1.00^11
= 1.37
Estimated KSLOC = 1
Effort = 2.94*1.37*1^1.13 = 4.0278 Person-Months
Duration = 3.67*4.0278^0.05 = 3.935 months


Cost Driver Table

Total value of Scale Driver Rating = 4 + 2 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 12
Total rating over 100 = 12/100 = 0.12
E (Exponent Value) = 0.12 + 1.01 = 1.13

COCOMO Model II Calculation


PERT Chart

PERT Chart Table

Project Schedule

Time Constraint

Minimal Hardware and Software Requirement

Knowledges of Visual Basic, C++ Programming and System Information and Software Engineering
Had internship experience

People Resources

Payback Period

ROI = [Benefit - ( Development Cost + Operational cost)] / (Development Cost + Operational cost) x 100%
=(420,000.00 - 165,896.00 - 155,000.00) / (155,000.00 + 165,896.00)
x 100%
= 30.88%

Return of Investment (ROI)

NPV = PV Benefit - (PV Development Cost + PV Operational Cost)
= RM 342118.00 - (RM 165896.00 + RM 125653.5)
= RM 50569.50

Nett Present Value (NPV)

Budget Estimation

Change Management and Control

Get detail requirements for the system before the commencement of the project.
If the specifications can be implemented successfully, we will add in these specification into the system.
If the specifications that your company wanted cannot be implemented in time.
We will discuss with our development team if there are any changes of requirements during the development of the system.
We will call a meeting with your company and our development team will discuss for possible solution
If company management decides to change the idea of the whole project, we will rearrange meetings and discuss with the new management.
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