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Girl, interrupted

No description

Mariana Garcia

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Girl, interrupted

Reality can make a person go mad.
Susanna Kaysen was admitted into McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts on April 27, 1967.
Major Conflict
In Girl, Interrupted, the major conflict is her being sent to a residential psychiatric hospital. She was sent there because of her past suicidal attempts. Kaysen struggles to heal in the face of mental illness, the cruelness of her confinement, and the untrustworthy world changing around her.
Susanna Kaysen enters McLean Hospital at the age of 18 where she meets people who have problems. She is diagnosed with having Borderline Personalty Disorder, although it may not be real. During her time there, she keeps a dairy of all the events that happen to her. She befriends many people there and many unconventional events, such as witnessing someone having hung herself, lead to her wanting to start a new life. When time comes for her to leave, Susanna looks back at her time at the hospital and she says that her life had been interrupted by herself and everyone around her.

"One moment made to stand still and to stand for all the other moments, whatever they would be or might have been."
by Susanna Kaysen
Girl, Interrupted
Mariana Garcia
Erica Chon
Veronica Cornejo
Emanuel Esquivel
Cristian Hernandez
Libby Jimenez

Period 1
Susanna Kaysen
"How am I supposed to get better if I don't even understand my disease" - Susanna Kaysen
18 years old
Borderline Personality
Tries to commit suicide
Feels lost at times
This book is not recommended to the average reader. Other than the fact that this is a non-fictional book, the book was not able to grasp the attention of our group. Most parts contained uncanny and excessively, descriptive details that sometimes made the reader feel worn out from reading. The only situation which the book would be recommended to a person is if he or she can relate to the characters in this book. Overall,
Girl, Interrupted
is not meant for just anyone and could not grab the interest of the group.
Lisa Rowe
tries to escape several times
proud of her diagnosis
"They’re just - they’re just begging to be pressed, and it makes me wonder, it really makes me fucking wonder, why doesn’t anyone ever press mine? Why am I so neglected? Why doesn’t anyone reach in and rip out the truth and tell me that I’m a fucking whore, or that my parents wish I were dead?"
Daisy Randone
doesn't socialize much with other girls
only comes out of her room for laxatives
has a "relationship" with her father
"If you lived here you'd be home by now."
Kaysen's roomate
Suffers from depression
Shy and quiet
Mostly keeps to herself
Susanna Kaysen
Susanna Kaysen was born and raised in Cambridge, Massachusetts on November 11, 1948. She attended Cambridge School and she is the daughter of economist Carl Kaysen, a professor at MIT and former adviser to president Kennedy. In 1967, she was sent to McLean hospital for psychiatric treatment for depression and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Eighteen months later, she wrote about her experience at the hospital, which came to be known as her autobiography, Girl, Interrupted. After, she moved to Faroe Islands, which inspired her to write her novel, Far Afield.
"Was i ever crazy? or Maybe life is..."
“Have you ever confused a dream with life? Or stolen something when you have the cash? Have you ever been blue? Or thought your train moving while sitting still? Maybe I was just crazy. Maybe it was the 60's. Or maybe I was just a girl... interrupted.
Head nurse
Takes care of the girls
Understanding of them and has patience with them
"But I think what you gotta do is put it down. Put it away. Put it in your notebook, but get it out of yourself. Away so you can't curl up with it anymore."
Kaysen, Susanna. Girl, Interrupted. New York: Vintage, 1994.
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