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Kerrin Jamieson

Curriculum Vitae

Kerrin Jamieson

on 18 February 2018

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Transcript of Kerrin Jamieson

Kerrin Jamieson
Phone: 021 02157787

Address: 236 Whitmore Rd, RD6, Warkworth, 0986

Email address: kerrinandgreg@gmail.com

Ethnicity: NZ, Pakeha

Date of Birth: 06 Jan 1973

Children: Two

Health: Excellent

Drivers Licence: Yes
Literacy & Mathematics
I have 21st century training and experience in both literacy and numeracy and am able to differentiate teaching and learning through effective pedagogy that maximizes student engagement, participation and achievement. I have also recently undertaken professional development in both areas and have a particular passion teaching within these learning areas.

Integrated Curriculum
I successfully integrate the curriculum through inquiry learning and encourage learning through meaningful contexts.

I believe technology is a powerful vehicle through which teachers can engage students in their learning. I successfully integrate Google Apps For Education (GAFE) within the classroom and am a very experienced user. I have proven leadership within this area and can offer assistance with problem solving, professional development and integration within the classroom.
My career objective is to secure a teaching position within a primary school where I will continue to use my passion for teaching and learning to ensure students are happy, engaged and achieving. I have gained five years of teaching experience in Years 7 & 8 and now want to further my development by teaching within the primary environment. I also have three years experience within a pastoral management role and would welcome the opportunity to broaden my management experience.

Family and friends are really important to me.
Personal Details
Curriculum Vitae, 2017
Professional Details
2016 - Priority Learners

I have trialed a number of differentiate practices within the classroom in response to the diverse needs present. E.g. using ICT to support learning, understanding and achievement. This has worked particularly well with students with learning difficulties. Motivation to learn has increased as has work work output, and the overall quality of work produced has improved.
Appraisal Feedback
2013 – 2017
Year 7 & 8 Homeroom Teacher
Performance Strengths
Career Objective
My philosophy of teaching
Contact me
Phone: 021 021 57787
Address: 236 Whitmore Road
(press forward)
What my students and parents have to say
Teaching Highlights

I believe that learning is most effective when it is connected to students lives by use of content that is relevant to their cultural knowledge, experiences and interests.

I appreciate collaboration and believe in a supportive team approach that respects and values diversity and the sharing of knowledge to enrich learning partnerships.

I understand that teacher expectations have a profound effect on a child’s success and believe that all children have the ability to learn.

I set high, yet realistic, expectations whilst providing an appropriate level of support so that all students work toward their fullest potential.

My passion for teaching and learning is fueled by an intrinsic thirst for knowledge and as a result I am committed to an ongoing programme of professional development, alongside dedication to critical reflection and refinement of practice.
2013-17 Mahurangi College, Y7&8 Homeroom teacher
Yellow House Dean
TIC Equestrian and Table Tennis

2008 Leigh Primary School
Teacher Aide

2001-2004 The Correspondence School

Mark Beach
(Director of Teaching)
The Correspondence School
"What an amazing first year you have had! "A star in the making," said LAPD. "We have to keep this one," said David Macleod. "Does she really have to go from Year 8 into Year 7?" said I. You have an amazing talent Kerrin! I am really looking forward to seeing your input into Y 7 next year. Thanks for the incredible work you have done.

"Kerrin has proven herself as a young women of excellent character and initiative. She is proactive at seeking solutions to problems and is creative and well grounded”.

You have created a very positive classroom dynamic, with students happy to share ideas and thoughts. You have a lovely attitude towards your students, showing a caring yet firm manner. Your questioning was direct and you used the students responses to direct them to think about prior learning. Your positive tone and enthusiasm were very obvious.
(Debbie Hamer, Appraiser)
Mahurangi College
Keith Tennant (Head of Faculty), Mahurangi College)
027 542 5424 Teaching Referee

Alistair Elder (Deputy Principal, Mahurangi College)
021 425 069 Leadership Referee
Massey University College of Education
Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary / Diploma in Education Studies (BEd(Tchg)Primary/DipEdStuds)
2002 Auldhouse Computer Training
Certification for IT Professionals working with Microsoft Technologies
A+ Certification - Pass

2002 The Open Polytechnic
Certificate in Business Computing
Hardware fundamentals – Pass
Software fundamentals – Merit

My passion and motivation is by far my biggest strength. I am also innovative, resourceful, creative, adaptable, highly organised, reliable, trustworthy, consistent, open and caring. I am a creative planner and enjoy collaborating, sharing and creating resources.

I enjoy travel, innovation, creativity, gardening, diving, reading and computer technologies.
Personal Strengths and Interests
Academic Achievements
"This qualification is specifically designed to prepare teachers to meet the needs of diverse learners in today's classrooms. Graduates from this programme will be sought after because of their thorough preparation." Massey University, 2012
The success I have felt in my first five years of teaching is one of total fulfillment and pride. I believe I have impacted positively on all my students which I believe has resulted in high engagement and achievement.

I have taught a mix of both Year 7 & 8, and Independent and Structured classes, and I have proven that I am a capable and confident teacher at each level.

Within the faculty I have lead professional development in the areas of ICT. I have liaised with colleagues regularly and offered support and guidance in using GAFE.

Debbie Hamer
(Deputy Head of Faculty)
Mahurangi College
"Miss Jamieson is always very passionate about all subjects we have with her. She is fun and always smiling and giving complements. She makes reading fun for me and I have had other teachers at my old school that have not cared as much as she has."

Gala Emmerton
Year 7
This year I have taught a structured year 7 class and I am extremely proud of the achievement all have made. At the start of the year I identified small groups of priority learners and have undertaken teaching inquiries which have proven very successful. I have managed to accelerate learning through targeted teaching practice.

"She really explains what we're supposed to be doing, so that everyone knows what they're doing."

Grace Close, Y7
"I really appreciate the work you do with Finn, and think you have done some amazing work with him. It is fantastic to have a kid enjoying school."

Michelle Stevenson
Parent of Finn Stevenson, Y7
Quotes from Colleagues
Very calm and positive working environment in the class. Kerrin is firm but fair,maintaining a good working environment for all students. At the same time she is very encouraging of her students. Class environment was neat and tidy which sets a good example to students.
(Keith Tennant, Appraiser)
Mahurangi College

Differentiated Teaching Practices
Yellow House Dean
Leadership Role 2015-2017
I have thrived on the challenge this role has presented and I am very proud of my achievements. I have built strong and long lasting relationships with my whanau teachers and particularly with my young House Representatives and House Leaders. It has been great to get to know students as they move through school, whilst nurturing their leadership.
Implementation and management of a pilot computing project
Tutoring Y8-Y12 students to gain National Certificate Qualification in Computing Level 1 and 2. Supervision of all other curriculum areas.

These certifications prepared me for a tutoring role in which I taught secondary students computing skills.
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