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Instituto Columbia S.C

No description

tomas montemayor

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Instituto Columbia S.C

Cristóbal Colon discovery
And in his honor...
Natalia Montemayor
Columbia Institute
Full of Friends ! ,
This school is a place
Excellent Teachers
We have places to study
and have fun !!!
And of course with excellent students !
Institute Columbia

Columbia Institute established as a priority, the formation of good men and women that can adjust to their environment counting on their internal resources that will allow them to be fulfilled and project all their efforts to their society for their own benefit. This would be accomplished by providing an atmosphere of appreciation, respect, and self-improvement to everyone involved in the teaching-learning process and developing a healthy self-esteem in them, etc.

Columbia wishes to develop humane, generous, creative, and enterprising men and women that strive in the search for alternatives guided towards the common good, thus obtaining their well-being.
Columbia Institute S.C.

By Tomas Montemayor

2003 14th of October
Columbia Institute loses one of its founding members. Fundamental pillar of the values that support our institution and everlasting example of work, effort and dedication… Lic. Alejandra Montemayor Dávila, M.E.S.
Alejandra Montemayor
and Patricia Theissen founded ......
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