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Final Review 8th grade Science

No description

Natosha Daniels

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Final Review 8th grade Science

What subatomic particle is used to determine that the identity of an element is aluminum
A. Its 14 neutrons
B. Its 13 electrons
C. Its 13 protons
D. Its Atomic Mass of 27 Earth and space Life Science Chemistry/Lab Safety Physics Questions... What landform will be created when a continental and oceanic plate collide? Why do we use models? (not this one) Why are there a bunch of earthquakes in California, but not in Florida???? What is the scientific theory used to describe what caused the continents to break apart? The squirrel landed on the core of the Earth. What is the core made of? Name three types of plate boundaries Give one example of weathering... In order for rock C to become magma, what process should take place? What landform will be created at this boundary? What is the density of this 120 gram meteorite? (show your work)

a. 260 g/cm
b. 60 g/cm The milky way is a ___________ galaxy The material through which a wave travels is called a____________. What force pulls gas and dust together in nebulae? The sun is a yellow star that is average in both brightness and in temperature. The sun belongs to which group? What do all galaxies have in common? (8.8A)
a. They are the same in shape
b. They are made of stars
c. They are the same distance from Earth
d. They travel around the Sun Name the type of wave that has the most energy Which type of wave that can be seen by the human eye? Which skill are you using if you identify a trend or pattern seen in a graph?
a. posing questions
b. Making a conclusion
c. developing hypotheses
d. interpreting data . An example of a qualitative observation is:
a. 25°C.
b. 5 km/h.
c. green.
d. 2.7 g. In this experiment, what is the manipulated variable and what is the responding variable? What is a hypothesis? Which safety measure should you take for every single laboratory experiment?
a. Use heat-resistant gloves.
b. Follow your teacher's instructions.
c. Open all classroom windows.
d. Wear an apron. Kobe wants to know which shoes will help him jump higher before he jumps over the aston martin. He condcted an experiment and jumped with several pairs of shoes, measuring the height of his jumps. What is the independent (manipulated) and dependent (responding) variable? The model above is set up to show how a lunar eclipse occurs. What is the greatest limitation of this model?

a. The light bulb is standing straight up instead of tilted on an axis.
b. Comparative sizes and distances are inaccurate.
c. The shadow is being cast in the wrong direction.
d. The heat released is much less than that released by the sun. Where should you find information on how to safely store any chemical?
a. Your lab instruction
b. The internet
c. MSDS sheet
d. Your lab partner What is the mass of the rock in grams according to the picture? (round to the nearst TENTH) Is the following equation balanced? (must show correct work) Two dogs are fighting over a sock. The dog on the left is pulling with a force of 40N. The dog on the right is pulling with a force of 40N. Which way will the sock move? Two princesses are fighting over a prince. What is the net force being exerted on the prince? Who will win the prince? 50N 70N Black hair (B) is dominant to red hair (b). If Shrek is purebred for black hair, and Fiona is homozygous recessive for red hair, what percentage of their children will have red hair? Final Review 2012-2013 N. Folarin Name 2 pieces of evidence Wegner used to prove his theory of continental drift? Name at least 2 layers of the earth that the squirrel fell through. What is subduction? 8 9 2 How many total atoms are there in C H NO ? At which point on the roller coaster does the car have the most kinetic energy? As they were investigating potential and kinetic energy, students dropped a marble into a tray of flour and recorded data. What was the question of the experiment? A. What will a marble do when it is dropped into a powdery substance?
B. When an object has more potential energy, will it transform into more kinetic energy?
C. Will the mass of an object affect the force of kinetic energy?
D. Does a falling object have kinetic energy? 2. Which answer choice is a false statement?

a. Changing velocity is an example of acceleration
b. Turning to the left is an example of acceleration
c. Slowing down is an example of acceleration
d. None of the above Devante is at his locker when he realizes he is going to be late for class. He runs to Ms. Folarin's class, but stops at the door, when he remembers that he forgot to put on his Axe cologne for the ladies. Rather than be late, he contines to run into class.

Draw a graph that represents his motions. The planets continue to orbit around the sun because A. the gravity of each planet is perfectly aligned with each other
B. The gravity of the inner planets holds the outer planets in orbit
C. The sun’s gravity holds all the planets in their orbits
D. The Milky Way galaxy holds the solar systems in their positions. 2. How has satellite technology supported Plate Tectonic Theory?
A. Can see crustal features have formed along boundaries
B. Actual movement of the plates can be seen
C. Can see how the continents once fit together
D. Can predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions Match the topographic map with the correct image. 5. A student notices the temperatures at the equator are always warmer than the temperatures at the north and south poles. Why does this occur?
A. Trade winds move warmer air towards the equator.
B. Icebergs make the polar areas colder.
C. The equator is always closer to the Sun.
D. Earth’s tilt results in uneven heating from the Sun. 4. The air particles near the center of this high-pressure system usually will- (10B)
a. condense into a solid
b. sink to form sunny cool conditions
c. rise and form cloudy conditions
d. squeeze together to form an even higher pressure system A. The Gulf Stream current caries warm water to the Stavanger area.
B. The Arctic current caries cold water toward Norway
C. There is no sea ice in the region to create the cold, deep ocean currents
D. Stavanger is the southernmost city Stavanger, Norway has a warmer climate than the rest of Norway. What could cause this? Which celestial body has a secondary effect on the ocean tides?

A The Sun
B The Moon
C Earth
D Mars Between which two phases will we experience a Waxing Crescent? Weather The arrow identifies the organelle which is considered the "powerhouse of the cell."

A lysosome

B Golgi apparatus

C mitochondrion

D endoplasmic reticulum List 2 ways that you know Cell B is a plant cell. Which of the following is an abiotic factor in the ecosystem?

A water temperature
B pelican
C plants
D fish Which fossil is the youngest?

A Fossil 1
B Fossil 2
C Fossil 3
D Fossil 4 Some animals in nature adapt to their changing environment. Those that are successful are able to reproduce and pass on their traits to future generations.
This is an example of:

A commensalism
B mutualism C natural selection
D selective breeding A student designs an experiment to determine how surface type affects the amount of force needed
to roll a ball 20 meters. What is the independent variable?

A the lengths of the surfaces
B the force needed to roll the ball
C the type of surfaces used
D the type of ball chosen Using the classification key above, identify the organism’s class.
A Class Insecta
B Class Reptilia
C Class Mammalia
D Class Chondrichthyes Which combination of substances is a compound?
F salt and water stirred in a glass
G food coloring in frosting
H peanut butter and jelly sandwich
J sulfur dioxide and water forming acid rain Which type of tectonic plate boundary is located at mid-ocean ridges?

(a) convergent (c) divergent

(b) transform (d) complex Most of Earth’s major earthquakes are caused by

a seasonal heating and cooling of Earth’s
b weathering of rock at Earth’s surface
c Earth’s gravitational attraction to the Moon
d faulting of rock in Earth’s crust The air circulation shown is caused by
a both hot air and cool air sinking
b both hot air and cool air rising
c hot air sinking and cool air rising
d hot air rising and cool air sinking A B C c. 2 g/cm
d. 10 g/cm A. Data on biodiversity is important in field studies to represent an ecosystem.
B. Abiotic factors in an ecosystem influence biodiversity.
C. Increased biodiversity has a positive effect on ecosystem sustainability.
D. An ecosystem with low biodiversity is better able to recover from natural and manmade disasters Which statement best describes the relationship between biodiversity and the sustainable nature of an ecosystem? How many molecules are shown in the compound? (don't use the picture above. It won't give you any answers.)
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