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Gas Speak_Sally Commins

No description

Sally Commins

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Gas Speak_Sally Commins

Australia, CSG and the media - the way forward
by Sally Commins, Editor, Great Southern Press
Australia and CSG - what do we think?
CSG is a divisive topic in Australia
What is the media's role in propagating this opinion?
How can industry work with media to help perceptions of itself?
A bit about myself
Media and the CSG industry
The media landscape has changed
CSG industry has become hyped
Media and agendas
Grassroots campaigns
How can the media work for you?
Work with industry media
Create your own media
Companies versus the industry
Editor of:
The Australian Pipeliner
Gas Today
Pipeline, Plant & Offshore
For companies
Become friendly with local media
Become transparent
Employees are your best media
Give back to communities - and make sure they know you're doing it
For industry
Associations and lobbying groups need to create marketing campaigns
Strong, positive relationships with industry media
Encourage positive relationships between companies and media
Working in the oil and gas industry for over three years.
Why this topic interests me
My family are cattle farmers
Involved in Alpine grazing
We also face a strong misinformation battle
CSG portrayal in the mass media
Hollywood and CSG
Australia and CSG
Why do we see what we see?
Hollywood and CSG
'Promised Land', 2012, starring Matt Damon
David Letterman
A nuanced view on CSG...
Australian media
Episode 3, The Shitsville Express, ABC
What next?
We are our own best media
Know the CSG industry has a place - speak up
Respect the media and it will respect you
What is CSG?
So, what is CSG?
What is fraccing?
There are strong myths about CSG
Coal seam gas is not safe as gas leaks are common.
Myth 1
No one understands fraccing or knows the chemicals being used.
Myth 2
Lock the Gate
Farmers against Fracking
Australia an increasingly urban society
Communities banding together
Hollywood agendas
Broader environmentalist movement
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