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No description

Veronica Vento Roig

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of TOM FORD

- We decide to launch the perfume in EEUU first.
Marketing Strategies
Objective Strategies
- Medium-high prices segment
presents :
B. Monster
Lady Gaga's hands
A clawn
c. Paparazzi
A. Applause

Why Lady Gaga Paparazzi ?
- More projectable song
- Vma 2009 best performance
- Love the clip. Shows the negative effect of fame and love
Sell 50.000 bottles
10 biggest cities in EEUU (NY, L.A, Chicago, Houston, San Diego, San Antonio, Philadelphia, Dallas, Phoenix and Detroit)
A. Political
- no VAT
- Import duties
B. Economical

C. Sociocultural
- Sex and age distribution
- Attitudes
D. Technological
E. Environmental
- Laws Clean Water
F. Legal Factors
- press Freedom
. Positioning
- Differentiation
- Extravagant perfume
- Innovative design and packaging
. Standard Price
.Increasing the market share of TF
.Based on a celebrity
. Target
- Attract female market
- Female that can afford it
(20-40 years)
Why the partnership with Tom Ford?
- Celebrities market
. Competitors
1 of the 10 most sold (16%)

The most important competitor
32% of market share
Curious the most sold perfume 2004 by Elizabeth Arden (30 millions sales
Midnight Fantasy
One of the most sold perfumes in UK
Britney Spears launches her new fragrance named Island Fantasy in April 2013.
- sell 4167 bottles each month and 139 bottles each day
- 15 and 20 stores in each city depending on the demographic aspects. /7 bottle each day/
. Price
1. Cost of production 50 ml
2. Cost of production 100 ml
3. Selling cost and margin
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