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Building Buster

No description

Nunya Biznass

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Building Buster

Building Buster (working title)
Basically a 3D version of the game "Angry Birds"
W or Up – makes canon look up
S or Down – makes canon look down
D or Right – turns canon to the right
A or Left – turns canon to the left
Tab – switches camera
Mouse Pressed – Increases canon’s firepower output
Mouse released – Fires the canon

Scoring / Win-Lose
The player receives a star rating depending on their total score once they are out of shots.
Target Audience
This is a casual game targeting non-gamers and gamers alike.

Ideal for mobile platforms due to it’s simplicity.

If successful enough a level creator could be made for fans to make their own levels nabbing up the 'creative' types too.

To Do
Obtain assests and textures

Players control a cannon and try to destroy
standing structures
Accomplishing objectives (such as destroy X amount of buildings) within levels grants the player a bonus score.
If the player’s score doesn’t reach the bare minimum to get one star then they lose

Untouched - initial block position with canon ball never touching the block. player gets no points

Moved - canon ball touched the block, but the block is still within bounds of its initial block position (like an invisible collider of some sort). player gets half points

Removed - canon ball touched the block and the block left its initial block position, player gets full points

Box and Sphere Colliders
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