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BUS 474 Final Presentation

Novozymes group project

Jessica Jeppsson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of BUS 474 Final Presentation

BUS 474 - Industry Project
Allison Cardella, Thomas Guier, Jessie Jeppsson
To help Novozymes index spend fluctuations on Phosphoric Acid
Accomplish this by developing a product profile
Map current supply chain and make recommendations on other sourcing opportunities
Project Definition Accomplishments Novozymes plant tour
Emails and conference calls w/ Jack
Extensive online research
Contacted Brenntag (tier 1 supplier to Novozymes)
Found link between raw mat’l & end market products’ impact on phosphoric acid price
Created Product Profile
Mapped Novozymes’ Supply Chain

Product Profile Essentially an executive summary on phosphoric acid
Includes its market drivers, end user products and other cost factors
Will help Novozymes determine if their costs are in line with the market
Price rose 700% within 14 months between 2007-2008
Price has moved with the economy for the last 4 years
Non renewable resource
Transportation price increased
Extraction, refinement, and environmental management price increased

Phosphate Rock Overcoming Obstacles, Learning Lessons
Limited access to free information
Limited access to company contact
No prior experience with indexing

End User Products Phosphate Rock Commodity $ Fertilizer supply/demand is clearly the most important end market material to keep an eye on.
Phosphate rock prices seem to move similar to the economy as a whole. If the apparent recovery continues, prices should rise again.
If manufacturing continues to ramp up, demand for phosphate will grow.
There should be a long term plan to find alternatives to phosphoric acid because the world’s phosphate resources may be depleted within 50-100 years.
Conclusions & Recommendations
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