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Firework - Katy Perry

No description

Johnny Saad

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Firework - Katy Perry

Firework - Katy Perry
2. Identify and describe the speaker of the poem/song
The speaker in this song is Katy Perry. From the lyrics and the emotions in the song, the speaker seems to be someone who has experienced this feeling of self worthlessness that is conveyed in the beginning of the song. However, she seems to be optimistic, positive and encouraging. A line that proves these qualities is when Katy sings “If you only knew what the future holds, after a hurricane comes a rainbow”. This shows that the speaker in this song looks at the bright side of a situation and is very optimistic. A line that shows the speaker as encouraging is when she sings “You don't have to feel like a wasted space, you're original, cannot be replaced”. She is encouraging because she reassures this discouraged character that they are special and that they are worth something.
3. Identify and explain briefly three different literary/poetic devices
Device #1: Rhyme - In the song, Katy often rhymes several words together. For example, in the third line of the lyrics on page one, she rhymes the word “thin” with “in”. “Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin, Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?”

Device #2: Onomatopoeia - In the first two lines of the lyrics on page one, Katy perry sings, “Do you ever feel, like a plastic bag, Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?” this implies that plastic bags have feelings. Plastic bags are inanimate, and Katy demonstrates the literary device of Onomatopoeia by giving the plastic bag human qualities and capabilities.

Device #3: Metaphor - In line 22 of the lyrics on page one, Katy Perry sings, “After a hurricane comes a rainbow”. This line is a metaphor for when things get difficult in life (a hurricane), there will always be happiness and beauty afterwards (the rainbow).

Task #1
The singer/songwriter of the song “firework” is Katy Elizabeth Hudson, who is much more commonly known by her stage name, Katy Perry. Katy is a very famous American singer and has been extremely well known since the release of her two singles, “I kissed a girl” and “Hot n Cold” in 2008. Katy is 30 years old, having been born on the 25th of october, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. Katy’s career started with gospel music, until she moved to Los Angeles in 2002 to explore a career in pop music. So far, throughout Katy’s career, she has sold over 11 million albums, and 81 million singles. Katy has received many awards over the course of her career, including three guinness world records. Basically, Katy Perry is one of the most successful singers/songwriters around today.

In conclusion, I think that Katy Perry's song "firework" is an inspirational, emotional song that was very well written. Katy is an extremely talented artist.

Thank you for listening to my presentation
1. Summarize your research of the poet/songwriter
4. Write down your favourite verse of the song and explain why you chose it
My favourite part of Katy Perry’s song, “Firework” is the first four lines.

“Do you ever feel like a plastic bag
Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?
Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in?”

This part of the song is my favourite because it has so much emotion and meaning. Katy starts by asking a question to the audience, which grabs their attention and makes this verse very relatable and meaningful. I think most people have felt like a plastic bag drifting through the wind, and they can relate to and find a lot of sentiment in these few short lines in the song.

5. Explain the main idea of the song
I think that the main idea of this song is that everyone is special and has equal value. Even though sometimes you may be put down or discouraged, you’re still unique and can’t be replaced. Everybody has something unique to show and something special about them. Often, people don’t realize how special they are. People may feel like plastic bags, when in fact they are fireworks. In the chorus, Katy sings “Baby you’re a firework, come on, show ‘em what you’re worth”. I think this line refers to proving the haters wrong. This line is Katy telling you to show the people that put you down and tell you that you’re a plastic bag what you’re really worth. I think that the main idea, and the message this song is trying to deliver is that everyone is special and independent and that you shouldn’t be discouraged by what others say about you.
Task #2
Music Video Analysis
Sub Genre: The song “Firework” is classified as a pop song

Narrative: Rather than a story, the narrative of this video is more of a montage/compilation of sad, discouraged people finding their courage and having the confidence to do things they feared before. The characters seem to realize their self worth and they gain confidence in themselves throughout the length of the video.

Performer Image: Katy Perry seems to symbolize a sort of hope or encouragement in the video. She wears bright clothing and sings encouraging words, while fire works emerge from her body. This gives her a very lively seeming personality, and makes her seem like some sort of beacon of encouragement and hope.

Continuing Music Video Analysis
Camera Work: Most of the angles used in this music video are at eye level. I think that the directors decided to use eye level angles because you can see the facial expressions of the characters, which helps convey emotion in such a sentimental song. The directors also used occasional close ups at dramatic moments in the video to emphasize the emotions of the characters and their feelings.

Music: The instrumental aspect of the music in this video is made off screen. Katy Perry only sings in the video, and does not play an instrument. I think that the instrumental track for this song leaves a lot of space for the vocal part, rather than overwhelming it. The instrumental part of the music is quiet enough to let the vocalist be heard but still convey the emotion of the song. I can easily understand what Katy is saying and her voice is loud and clear.
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