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Radical changing verbs

Radical changing verbs in Spanish

Peter Watson

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Radical changing verbs

Also known as stem-changing verbs Some ground rules for radical changing verbs There are 4 types of radical changing verbs in Spanish, named as to what spelling change happens Remember how verbs change by the boot formation LET'S PRACTICE! the endings of radical changing verbs are the same as regular verbs 1. e-ie = pensar / preferir / comenzar We'll start with an e-ie verb such as pensar
=to think Now let's do a e-i verb
despedir (to say goodbye) Radical Changing verbs : these verbs are called stem changing verbs because the first part (the stem) has a spelling change in certain parts of the conjugation Take the verb jugar for example: JUG = stem AR is ending 2. e-i = servir, pedir, vestir 3. o-ue: poder, volver, encontrar 4.u-ue: jugar If it is in the boot, the spelling change happens.
If it isn't in the boot, the spelling change doesn't happen. YO NOSOTROS


EL / ELLA ELLOS / ELLAS Pienso piensas piensa pensamos pensáis piensan Some verbs in the present tense in Spanish have a spelling change in the first part of the verb. These are known as radical changing verbs. despido despides despide despedimos despedís despiden And no for an o-ue verb:
poder = to be able to puedo puedes puede podemos podéis pueden And finally the only u-ue verb:
jugar = to play juego juegas juega jugamos jugáis juegan THE END
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