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Aj Santos

on 16 April 2010

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Roman Politics The Romans Did not like to stick to one political system They were not satisfied until they had They were not satisfied until they created as well as used about 6 different political systems 509 Bc The end of Monarchy and start of the Republic Throughout the years that King Tarquinius rule
he was a very greedy man and very nasty to his people The thing that provoked a revolution to the King was the rape of Lucretia, it was not the King but his son who did this The people of Rome could not take anymore of his tyranny and revolted against him and overthrew not only him but his whole family and exiled them. In place of the King the Roman citizens elected a
senate to represent the citizens for the cities as well as
patrician families had quiet a bit of control, thus was the creation of the Republic Lucretia commited suicide after The Republic system was the last change and worked well for life span of Rome LOL NOT! And more powerful in the government As time went on the people of Rome specially the Patrician families grew very wealthy and grew more
LOL NOT! As the families of Rome grew very wealthy
they started buying more land, and the law of Rome stated if you did not own land you could no join the military, and many lost their ownership to their land to the aristocrat. Then General Marius in 104 BC started a law which stated you didn’t have to own land to be in the military, in return the soldiers wanted land. General influenced the senate to pass this, but the soldiers were more loyal to the General then the senate, and Generals started to gain more political power. Julius Caser raised an army and took over the Rome with his loyal soldiers Brutus and Cassius killed Julius Caser on March 15, 44BC Antony and Octavian( Casers nephew ) overthrew Brutus and Cassius and then both controlled the East (Antony) and West (Octavian), and few years later invaded and killed Antony there forth renaming himself to Augustus and supreme ruler over Rome, thus creating the new Empire of ROME!
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