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Maintenance, Renovation, and Construction

No description

Jason Percival

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Maintenance, Renovation, and Construction

Maintenance, Renovation, and Construction

Selecting a Contractor
Quoted pricing is not always the determining factor
Research project and ask the right questions
Call references or see the work for yourself
Find or form a personal connection
Tie each project to a larger relationship
Ask others in your field for their opinion
Dick Clark
- Director of Facilities and Operations
Jason Percival
- Assistant Manager Facilities and Operations
Pressure Washing
Seal Coating
Plumbing, HVAC, Elevators
Interior Cleaning
J.P's Honest Painting Co.
Guaranteed to quote the lowest price everytime!
We care only about our job and no one else's!
We will cut corners and you won't notice until next year when we're gone!
We do not care about working for you ever again!
Cincinnati Tennis Three Year Plan
Paul Flory Player Center
North Complex
Courts 3-8
Ticket Office
Food Court and First Aid
Building and Preserving Beautiful Athletic Facilities

Renovation Projects
Contracted Painting
Why outsource?
Wine Garden
Collect ideas
Study feasibility
Gather resources
Administration Offices
Knowing when to defer to others
Seating Project
Anticipate consumer reaction
When is it better to renovate
instead of build new?
What factors should one
consider on a renovation project?
When should renovation
be avoided?
Aug 2009 - Aug 2012
Tools for Success

Gantt Chart
Study blueprints
Be dilligent
Hold them to your standards
Build long term relationships
Give them a stake in project
Get input from everyone

Preserve appearance
Preserve Integrity
Extend product life
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