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on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of #ChangeThroughExchange

Welcome to AIESEC!
What is AIESEC?
Global Volunteer
Global Entrepreneur
Global Talent
Going abroad in the winter
Next Steps
70,000 Members worldwide
2,400 Universities represented
Present in 126 countries and territories
Over 1 million alumni
What is AIESEC?
AIESEC is a non-political, international non-profit organization run entirely by students, for students.
Started after WWII
Enables young students to develop their leadership skills
Achieved through cross-cultural exchange
AIESEC Worldwide
Leadership Qualities
Global Volunteer
6 - 8 weeks abroad
Working within fields such as teaching, cross-cultural understanding, social entrepreneurship, and environment
Working towards the Sustainable Development Goals
Volunteering internships
No previous experience requirement
Unpaid internships (food and accommodation provided)
Working with NGOs, schools, community centers, start-ups...
Global Volunteer and Global Entrepreneur
Short-term internships: Country Partners
Italy, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic
Latin America:
Mexico, Colombia, Peru
Asia Pacific:
Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia
Global Entrepreneur
Global Talent: Country Partners
: Spain, Germany, Poland
Asia Pacific
: Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam
Latin America:
Colombia, Mexico, Peru
4 - 18 months abroad
Global Talent
Long-term professional internships
Within fields such as business and teaching
Full-time paid positions (starting pay in that field/country)
Previous experience required
Working with start-ups, organizations, businesses
4 weeks abroad
Global Volunteer
6 - 8 weeks abroad
6 - 10 weeks
Entrepreneurship, social business, and marketing internships
Unpaid internships (with accommodation and sometimes food provided)
Working with NGOs, start-ups, and small local businesses
Short-term internships similar to Global Volunteer
Working with NGOs, start-ups, local small businesses in mainly teaching
Country partners include Italy, Hungary, Mexico, and Thailand
Catered to McGill students and Winter break.
All internship opportunities are available at
1. Create an account on
2. Filter through and browse internships
to internships across the globe!
CAD 500
You would be interviewed by the AIESEC chapter and program managers abroad!
500 CAD
How can we help?
What do I do next?
Sign up after the information session!
Testimonial: Cameron in Brazil
You will be assigned an exchange participant manager for personalized support and assistance
How? Reply back to the email we will send you to set up an appointment with a representative!
Am I eligible?
To be eligible for our program:
You have to be a current McGill student or recent graduate
18 or older!
You have to be willing to go abroad and experience new cultures
You have to be willing to go to a country that you have not lived in

For Global Talent: previous experience and skill in the field you are applying to is required!
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