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free topic

No description

jesse boma

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of free topic

There once was a boy named jesse...and he had an awesome summer.... waking up.. Showering... eating... Partying? restarting! Jesse's average day consisted of... he did many amazing things..... Like take over the WORLD! Jesse was a pretty average Joe he would see his friends, and party all night long, then after that return home at about eleven and plot his diabolical plans to take over the world. Or at least that's what the general public knew most nights he would spend in his secret and very remote location, from this position he kept watch on one of his teammates to make sure they stayed safe everynight the teammate would sneak out of her window and they would meet on the trampoline to discuss there plans. they where partners until Jesse's number two stated that she no longer wanted the partnership...and moved on to the competetor! So jesse dicided to take things upon himself he needed something of his own, something that would make him, invencible... so thats what he did! two months later...he had created the ORIGIONAL iron man! For years and years Jesse protected the united states....until he ran out of money.... jesse was desperate...he didnt know what to do, so he sold the greatest creation of all time on the black market to tony stark for 47 trillion dollars so with all this new found money jesse decided to start his own company, called WAYNE INTERPRISES one day when jesse was going about his business he found a secret elivator in his Thug Mansion that lead him to a huge cave filled with bats, which was jesses biggest fear. jesse missed the super hero life so he decided to make a new one, he found a nice man working in his R&D department and he made him a suite and what jesse now calls....the "Bat mobile" jesse was all over the place, he had altered his suite to make him quicker and way better of a superhero after a couple years of winning every battle ever jesse decided to hang up the ninja stars and put all his money in research. all of jesses intrests where transfered into finding new breads of spiders. one night while working late in his lab, jesse was bit by a new spider that w as just dicovered jesse started to feel a little queezy, so he went upstairs to lay down. but when he woke, he was a whole new person. before anyone knew it he was spinning webs and kicking butt! then one night it happened...jesse faced his first near death experience...and decided to stop ALL super hero work. he dicided to give all of his advancements in tecnology to the united states government, and then RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Jesse was so awesome at president he decided to retire early...and move onto his sophomore year. TRUE STORY WRITTEN BY... JESSE BOMA!!! The world is excited to see what next summer will hold.
but until then jesse has to occupy him self some how!! maybe save a couple cities in his spare time! THE END!!
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