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Wereworld; Nest of Serpents

No description

Cade Christison

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Wereworld; Nest of Serpents

Wereworld: Nest of Serpents
Figurative Language
Simile: The hollers of the Wyldermen echoed through the forest like a knife through the heart.
Drew is off to Stormlade to help the Stags fight an army with the combined might of the Rats and Crows.
Whitley and Gretchen are traveling with the Romari, un- aware that they are leading the Wereserpent, Vala straight into Brackenholme.
Hector has abandoned the Wolfs Council and pledges his service to Lord Onyx and the Catlords.
Drew defeats the army of Rats and Crows and also learns a lesson that war isn't all about being noble and sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.
Whitley and Gretchen discover that they have led Vala into the heart of Brackenholme and an army of Wyldermen as well.
Gretchen is whisked off by a redcloak but Whitley is left as a hostage to Vala and watches the city burn before her eyes.
Hector betrays Bergan and Henrick and takes Ice garden for his own. The Crowlords try to strike an alliance with him.
Fantasy Aspect
I give this book
Five Stars

I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy and medieval warfare.
Setting: Lyssia
Genre: Fantasy
Characters: Drew [Protagonist] Catlords [Antagonists]
Point of View: Third Person Omniscient

By: Curtis Jobling
Takes place in Lyssia, in all of the seven Realms

Drew is going on a quest to save
the people of Lyssia from the
tyranny of the Catlords.

There are Werelords, half
human half animal. they have
the ability to change between
animal form and human at any time.
The Villan is King Lucas
and the Catlords of Bast.
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