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Active vs. Passive Learner

RDG 091

Stephen Monarch

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Active vs. Passive Learner

What's the difference? Active vs. Passive Learners By:
Stephen Monarch An Active learner is someone who is "actively" engaged in the learning process. What is an Active Learner? A Passive learner is someone who is NOT engaged in the learning process. They "pass" the work off. What is a Passive Learner? Both show some interest in the class (Passive is usually whe grades are due!)
Both take notes
Both come to class Similarities: Role of Active:
Works hard
Keeps group motivated
Asks questions questions when he or she is stuck
A Team Leader What is the role of the student? Role of Passive:
Shows no effort
Brings the group down, distracts
Class clown
Avid cell phone user in class
Why are you even in the group? Habits of the Active Learner
While studying:
Take GREAT notes during lectures
Highlights in text book
Study for a long period of time (an hour or longer
Study everything to its entirety Testing and Study Habits: Asks questions when help is needed
Complete tasks on time
Participates fully in group assignments
Study (no distractions)
Requires concentration and attention to details beyond academics What does that mean? What does that mean? Distractions, distractions, distractions
Shows little to no effort in tasks
Does not complete assignments on time or at all
Why bother with studying???? Active Learner:
Engaged from day one
Shows interest ALL year
On time
Previews text book
Reads material before class
Reviews lecture notes before class
Forms study groups Differences: Passive Learner:
Engaged only when grade is in danger
Shows little to no interest in the class
Reads material during class
Throws away lecture notes from previous day
Avid texter and social media updater in class The instructor's role is to present the material to the class in a manner everyone understands
NOT- to constantly nag students to do their work
No boring "Death by PowerPoint" lectures
They facilitate seminars students conduct in class
They answer questions you have Role of the instructor While testing:
Process of elimination
Critical thinking
Remains calm While Studying:
small amount of notes from lecture
no highlighting
lots of distractions
small amount of time studying Passive Learner While Testing:
No critical thinking involved
Anxious (doesn't know much)
"Well I haven't had B in a while so I'll pick that" Active:
Sits in front
always prepared
focuses on the lesson
cell phone is away/music is away Classroom Behavior Passive Learner:
Sits in back
Cell phone out
earphones in
Not focused on the current task Classroom Behavior Active learners tend to set goals along the way. Small ones to achieve bigger ones.
Passive Learners tend not to set goals. Therefore, they achieve nothing and are still at the beginning. Personal Goals: QUIZ TIME!!!!!!! :) 1. What is the main difference between active and passive learner?
2. What is the role of an instructor in the classroom?
3. True or False: Passive learners concentrate on the task at had and complete it on time.
4. Why set goals?
5. True or False: Active learners set smaller goals to achieve the bigger picture?
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