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No description

Jason Margo

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Anchorman

Task Oriented
Leader Behaviors: structures roles of subordinates Person-
Organization Fit: Changing an
Organizational Culture: Culture Unethical
Behavior All I Really Need to Know About Management I Learned from AnchorManagement Leadership Ron
Burgundy Veronica
Corningstone Ed Harkin Line Manager Classical Management Style Conscientiousness Organized Systematic Type A Behavior Neuroticism Extraversion God to San Diego Outgoing
Sociable Anxious
Moody Type B Behavior Agreeableness Nice
Trusting Openness Curious
Creative #1 News Team in San Diego Classical Management Tall Structure Narrow Span of Control Telling/Directing: employees committed but need constant direction Path Goal
Theory: Transformational
Leader: Informal
Leaders: Lower your voice Ron Leader's responsibility is to increase subordinates motivation to attain responsibility Bring about innovation & change
Inspire followers to believe in leader personality
Inspire followers to believe in their own potential
Lead changes in organizations without formal position of authority
demonstrate leadership by influencing others through personal forms of power Formal
Leadership: hold position of authority
may utilize power that outcomes from their position & personal power to influence others Observable
Artifacts: Culture Strength: Organizational
Symbols: Channel 4
Physical Structures: the Office
Values: Diversity & Changing
Times manifestations of an organization's culture that employees can easily see or talk about Dimensions of
Channel 4 Culture: bureaucratic
company STABLE CULTURE rule-oriented predictable Anchorman
The guys believe women are not meant to
be anchors/reporters

Strong Culture is difficult to change high consensus
high intensity
Ron: high person-organization fit
Veronica: low person-organization fit degree to which a person's personality
& values match the organization's culture
new leaders bring their own ideas & values
leaders expected to be driving force for change
Veronica gets lead anchor position changing her leadership
Ron prank calls Veronica to harass her
Ron and Veronica fight in the office Personal Aggression:
Veronica sabotages Ron on the teleprompter Production Deviance:
women gossiping about Ron Political Deviance: Conflict Resolution Ron becomes a team player with Veronica People New to Channel 4 Organization Anchorman Now work towards common company goals shared assumptions, values, beliefs that show people what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior Ed expects the employees
to perform in a certain way Ed motivates Ron to perform well for the Network

Supportive Leadership: Champ and the
guys look up to Ron Ron displays charisma,
inspirational motivation,
individualized consideration Ed: legitimate power Ron: referent power with the guys
Veronica: referent power with the women
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