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Classroom Management Presentation

Presentation for CM

Tim McDonald

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Classroom Management Presentation

Brochure Outside Panels Brochure Inside Panels Statement The primary focus of my belief aligns with William Glasser’s non-coercive theory. In the introduction to his book, The Quality School, Dr. William Glasser relates the following passage (page xi):

A boss drives. A leader leads.
A boss relies on authority. A leader relies on cooperation.
A boss says, “I.” A leader says, “We.”
A boss creates fear. A leader creates confidence.
A boss knows how. A leader shows how.
A boss creates resentment. A leader breeds enthusiasm.
A boss fixes blame. A leader fixes mistakes.
A boss makes work drudgery. A leader makes work interesting. Glasser focusses on student centered classrooms, pacing progression upon individualized expectations, and cooperative learning. Simply put, if you can make students believe that school is about them then they become resopnsible for their learning, which alleviates most behavior problems. L Layout First day Activities Snippets Be the teacher that teaches for thirty years, not the teacher who teaches the same year thirty times. Seating charts go sour as quickly as milk does. So rearrange often. If you don’t smile until December, students will hate you until Christmas. Remember, when making assessments, that if it counts then it can’t be counted. Know that it is impossible to quantify learning, then go from there to try as best as you can to do the impossible. DFTBA: Don’t forget to be awesome. Ask three, then me Classroom Procedures Parent call log: The End
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