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Richmond Supply & Co

No description

Katie Lee

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Richmond Supply & Co

Richmond Supply & Co. is a reputable supplier who provides quality products and services to petrochemical, oil, gas, electrical and chemical industries.
They are a company based on trust, strong relationships and shared values.
They are also committed to the constant upgrading of their systems to ensure they can supply the very best to their clients.
However, due to a lack of policy enforcement and employees breaching these rules, certain problems have occurred.
The firing of a female employee (who had breached the company's policies) by the Chief of Operations, Henry (who had in fact committed a more serious infringement). This led to double standards within the workplace and put Jasper (the Boss) in a difficult position.

Policy Infringement- Company computers were to be used for work tasks only, however staff neglected this and continued to use the work computers for personal activities, what’s worse is that Jasper (the Manager) new about these breaches but chose not to act on it.

Company Values were overlooked- The culture of the company was set by the principles of honesty, integrity and respect for all employees, however, not all workers were working according to these values due to a lack of reinforcement and example set by the heads of department, evident in relation to Henry.

Lack of Leadership- The principles for which the company stood for were known to employees but not actively enforced, this led to complications within the workplace. Management have not adequately ensured that their employees understand the company values or the policy regarding appropriate behaviour whilst at work.

Double Standards- The Chief of Operations, Henry, fired an employee for looking at another employee’s personal emails yet he himself was looking up pornography in his office, which is just as bad as or worse than the infringement of the fired employee.

Decruitment options for Henry Darger
Dismissal- permanent involuntary termination as a result of company policy infringement
Lay-off- temporary involuntary termination,  giving Henry time to receive counselling for his personal issues and addiction and to reflect on the importance of adhering to the company values
Review of current policy
Installing software filters to eliminate all non-business related internet usage on company computers
Introduction of clear guidelines of disciplinary action for offending employees
Re-training of executive staff responsible for enforcing the policy
Educating staff of new policy regulations and effective communication
Providing mandatory compliance training for all staff members on the new policy
Using effective communication to stress the company's new expectations

Short Term Objective & Plans
Policy Infringement – The constant abusing of company computers for personal use leading to disruption and complicated situations arising.

If the company reinforced their policies regarding the correct use of company equipment, the values and principles which they abide by, guidelines for all employees to follow and the consequences if these policies are breached, the problems facing Richmond Supply could have been avoided.

Key Problem
Richmond Supply & Co
Presented By: Ashleigh, Lauren, Cassie & Katie
General Administrative Theory:
The application of this theory would solve problems of equity, direction, discipline and unity of command, resulting in a strong company culture where all employees are treated equally and fairly.

Organisational Culture: How a company’s values impact the behaviour and work ethics of employees.
Applying a universal set of rules for all employees to follow regarding behaviour at work and correct use of company equipment. The company should also make awareness of their principles a high priority, these values are integrity, respect and honesty.

The Change Process; The Calm Waters Metaphor:
Unfreezing the current behaviour at work of a relaxed environment, changing the policy to enforce clear rules which must be followed and not abused, implementing the policy and ensuring that all employees are abiding by these new rules.

Decision Making Process:
Finding a quick and appropriate solution such as the retraining of existing staff in relation to company policy and principles and the orientation of new staff to ensure their solid understanding of the importance of following company policies.

Relevant Theories to Key Issues
Relevant Theories to Minor Issues
Human Resource Management:
Identifying and selecting the right person for the job, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness within the workplace.
Recruitment: hiring of new staff and providing them with adequate training not only to complete the immediate tasks but also to convey the importance of putting into practice the company’s values of integrity, honesty and respect.
Decruitment: having a common procedure for the reprimanding/firing of employees who have breached company policies, ensuring all workers are treated fairly and equally regarding disciplinary actions.

Organisational Behaviour:
Making reference to the Hawthorne Studies, Jasper should take the time to understand why his employees are lacking concentration and focus and what procedures/incentives would ensure worker productivity.
Observing employees and gathering insights on their behaviours when presented with different situations, such as individual and group behaviour.
This would reduce the chance of disputes and misunderstandings within the workplace and should help to improve communication.

Long term problem solving objectives and plans:
Instil and embrace company values of 'integrity, honesty and respect for each individual employee'
A thorough understanding of core values can result in increased employee alignment, motivation to succeed, loyalty and consistency
Encouragement of teamwork will likely result in fewer disputes, examples include team meetings, positive encouragement by leaders, and team building activities
Improved leadership with clear direction and goals:
Clarification of the company's priorities and  where the organisation is headed
Analysis of what the company needs to do in order to achieve its mission
Improved leadership form the Human Resources department in terms of assessing individual employee's roles, goals and performance
Improved training and staff development including seminars and meetings to engrain a thorough understanding of the company mission and goals
Efficient communication of current and accurate information:
Clear and frequent communication in order to minimise disputes and misunderstandings
Acquisition of new employees:
Providing in-depth inductions and ongoing support and training for all new staff members
Ensuring new employees are familiar with and adhere to the company's values and policies, and have an understanding of the expected behavioural guidelines within the organisation

Long Term Objectives & Plans
The End
Question Time...
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