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CMS Challenge Project #2

No description

Ava Machione

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of CMS Challenge Project #2

CMS Challenge Project #2
Whittier, Alaska
By: Ava Machione

Whittier, Alaska
Whittier, Alaska is a quiet town on the west side of Prince William Sound in between mountains. This town's surprise is that it lives under one roof. All 217 of its residents live in one big building where they have all the nessecities they need.
Real World Link
Whittier, Alaska's real world link is it makes me wonder if I'd want to live in 1 building with with everyone in my town. I don't think I would want everyone in Clinton under 1 roof sharing all the same resources adn stores all the time. Also, you would rarely get to go outside or walk around in the snow and explore the world around you. I also wouldn't want to be so isolated from the rest of the world.
Whittier, Alaska
Who is Involved With Whittier
Events That Lead up to the Founding of Whittier
The Federal railroad to Portgage was finished in 1943 and was then the major dependent point for Alaska Command.
Whittier is a city in the
Valdez–Cordova Census Area in Alaska.
It's a popular port for cruise ships
because of the connections
they have with Anchorage.
When Was Whittier Founded
Whittier, Alaska was at first a military base in 1943 and in 1948 military began construction on their second building. In 1969, the town and city was incorporated where now less than 300 residents live.
The people in Whittier, Alaska are the ones involved with their town. There is a 14-story building called Begich Towers where most of the population lives. There is around 217 people in the town and almost all of them are inside this building with all their friends who they've come to know and love.
Where is Whittier
Events That May Occur Because of Whittier
Events that may occur are other cities in Alaska or quiet states do the same thing. They would all live in one communal building with everything they need right there with them.
Political Impact
The political impact of Whittier, Alaska is this town probably isn't in the "today" of the world. They most likely don't know too much about what's happening with things.
Social Impact
The social impact of Whittier is there are only 217 people who live there and all of them are probably very close with each other but the town as itself seems kind of isolated.
Economic Impact
The economic impact of Whittier is the mayor is trying to get people to visit and come see the town and how they live since there are so many things to see in the one building including the Bed and Breakfast on the top 2 floors.
Religious Impact
The religious impact on Whittier is God always beleived that people should all be friends and that's what Whittier, Alaska seems to be doing.
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