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Consider Using Google Docs in the Classroom

The basics of using Google Docs in the classroom, and the benefits vs. using traditional software (like Office Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Jennifer Dimmick

on 22 July 2010

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Transcript of Consider Using Google Docs in the Classroom

What is (are?) Google Docs? A suite of software similar to Microsoft Office To use to create: Documents Presentations Spreadsheets Polls Where Do I Find Google Docs? What's so good about it? It's Free!! What Else? Familiarity! The interface is highly similar to familiar programs No need to learn new menus and commands If you're familiar with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint,
then Google Docs will be easy for you! Collaborating/Sharing New docs start as private But you can add people who you
want to be able to edit it; and
send them an email with a link
to the document This means that a team of people can work on the same document... at the same time! Two of us are working on this one And we can "chat" while we work together You see your collaborators' changes appear in real time on your screen! Worried about saving? No problem--it auto-saves! Everything--including all past revisions, which you can revert to at any time! To see this you go to File, See Revision History Want to comment, but not edit? No problem, just add a comment! All finished? Then time to publish! Email as attachment Download as a Word (.doc), .pdf,
or other file type Publish to the web So why not give Google Docs a Try? It's free! It's familiar! It's great for collaborating! Don't forget, you can always get in touch with Mrs. Dimmick, the School Library Teacher, for more information and help getting started!
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