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Pollution in Texas

No description

Fernando Sanchez

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Pollution in Texas

Fernando Sanchez
Pollution in Texas
"It could cause to lay off 500 employees and ultimately help 30000 peoples’ lives per year."
“Combating climate changes would costs too much and eliminate jobs.”
(House Holds Climate Hearing)
How will Texas clean the air?
The state with the most oil production also means pollution:
Smog instead of fog.
Hotter temperatures.
harmful to the environment and the people.
The Black Gold State!
Texas ranked 40 in air pollution in America.
As pollution increases,so does bad lung health.
Not only does it affects people directly but future generations as well. Ex:causes ocular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genetic, psychological, and neurobehavioral morbidity.
Health Issues caused by Pollution
Pollution is not the most interested subject in Texas politics.
Pollution effect the climate.
Pollution causes health risk!
Time to invest in a New Power Plan.
Purpose to help protect human health and the environment
Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from fossils fuel fired power plants in the US
Help lower the fossil fuels use
The EPA Clean Power Plan
Everyone's Health is at Risk!!!
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