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The Batboy

No description

cesar estrada

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of The Batboy

I am the Batter
By: Amy LV

by cesar estrada

One pitcher. One batter. The two of us stare. I practice my swing as I walk to the plate. My teammates are shouting. I dont even care. I stand and wait.
I listen for pitches that whistle my name. One sails from his hand with a song that I like. I am the batter now. I am the game. My heart fills my ears as I swing and I strike.
The small spinning sphere swooshes out beyond third. I try not to watch it. I try not to fear it. My ball flies wings like a small leather bird.The other team tries, but they can't get near it.
Legs run without thinking. It's always the same. I follow the legs. We run that old race. I am the air. The batter. The game. Base after base after base after base.
the end
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