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Chapter 37

No description

Cassidy Carry

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Chapter 37

Chapter 37
Lee is Settling

Buys a bunch of stuff
Uses Adam's money
One thing he bought was a large icebox
Adam's Obsession
The icebox sparks an interest in Adam
He has nothing to do with his time
He investigates refrigeration
“And as is usually true of a man of one idea, he became obsessed” (Steinbeck 429).
Adam's idea
Freezing things keeps them fresh
He wants to try to ship frozen lettuce to New York
Will's Advice
Will thinks Adam's idea will bankrupt him
Offers an alternative idea
“If you want to drop forty or fifty thousand dollars quick, you just go on with your idea. But I’m telling you-let your damned idea die.” (Steinbeck 435).
“If you want to turn a profit, you plant beans” (Steinbeck 434).

Shipment's Outcome
Snow slide closed movement for 2 days
Third day was really, ice melting hot
Orders got confused and stalled the train 5 more days
“If the series of events had been planned by an omnipotent and unforgiving enemy it could not have been more effective...Businessmen congratulated themselves on their foresight in keeping out of it” (Steinbeck 435).

Affect on the Twins
Adam's failure leads to the twins being teased
This has a negative affect on the boys, especially Aron
Aron blows up on Abra due to embarrassment
“The twins felt Adam’s failure very deeply…the high-school group was much more cruel” (Steinbeck 436).
“’Well, it didn’t work. He sure fixed me. I can’t hold up my head. By God! I hate him.’”(Steinbeck 438).
Mention in the end
Has a darkness around him
Has a crush on Abra
More relevant for later
“Cal had to learn loneliness…He was jealous and tried to attract the girl to himself and failed” (Steinbeck 439).
Old School Ice Box
Frozen Mastodon
This is a train.
Just some blocks with letters
Boxes of lettuce
Best Friends!
Lonely awkward kid
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