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Chp. 18 Overview: Their eyes were watching God

No description

Jeanette Mendez

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Chp. 18 Overview: Their eyes were watching God

Personification, talking with the rain
Expecting a hurricane People leave Everglades
Tea cake & Janie stay
later on decide to leave Personification
Narrator Why is this quote significant? The narrator explains, "That night the palm and banana trees began that long distance talk with rain"(Hurston, 147). The narrator describes the hurricane making its way into town,"Ten feet higher and as far as they could see the muttering wall advanced before the braced-up waters like a road crusher on a cosmic scale. The monstropolous beast had left his bed. the two hundred miles an hour wind had loosed his chains. Meaning:
- roof : an ax
- the way it was swinging In this chapter, we find many personifications , they are using mostly personification in the way that they describe the hurricane that was like a monstrous monster. It also shows how Janie and Teacake are fearing for there lives. Weather they are in big situation like this they both know they will be there for each other . "A tin roof of a building hung from the branches by electric wires and the wind swung it back and forth like a mighty ax."
(PG. 156) " And the pursuing waters growled and shouted ahead, "Yes, Ah'm comin! (Hurston 154) Throughout chapters 16 and 17, the bean picking has been bringing prosperity to life and new adventures to their lives. Explanation. What is it comparing? matter:
-a description of how bad the weather was.
-how strong the storm was
- gives a better idea of how the situation was Exposition: Janie and Tea Cake have befriended with

Rising Action: After a night of fun, Janie noticed a band of Seminoles leaving the Everglades with reason of predicting of a hurricane heading their way. They were living life, until one day their fairytale ended.

Climax: Chapter 18 Indians moving out, true hurricane is going to hit
Janie and Tea Cake don't believe that
Now in danger... " Wind and rain beating on old folks and beating on babies" (Hurston pg 155) What is it comparing? Personification
Narrator Why is the quote significant? Flood is catching up
Flood gets bad
Things destroyed "The dog stood up and growled like a lion, stiff-standing hackles, stiff muscles, teeth uncovered as he lashed up his fury for the charge. Tea Cake split the water like an otter, opening his knife and dived."
Narrator (pg 157) Mean:
- Dog : lion Matters:
- Dog = Fear
- Tea Cake went against it Simile Simile Their Eyes Were Watching God Metaphor, hurricane=beast
Water=road crusher on cosmic scale
Hard wind loosed his chains
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