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how to sart and drive a dirtbike

No description

chris buckley

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of how to sart and drive a dirtbike

First step
Make sure the gas and key is on.
Second step:
Look to the right and pull out the lever under the exhaust.
How to start and drive a dirt bike
Hello my name is Chris i am here to tell you how to

start and drive a dirt bike in the basic ways with out

the tricks.
Third step:
Then kick down on the starter till it starts.
Fourth step:
You will need:
Dirt bike, helmet,gas,oil and of course space to ride
Let it run for about three minutes
Fifth step:
After you let it run for a while turn
off the choke
Sixth step :
Pull in the left lever another words known as the clutch and then push down on the shifter all the way.
Seventh step:
Put your right hand on the right handle grip and twist it back to rev the motor but don't rev it to much
Eighth step :
While the motor is revving slowly let
out the clutch
Ninth step:
once you are moving keep your hand on the throttle.
Tenth step:
Once the motor is revving
high let off on the throttle,
pull in the clutch and lift
all the way up on the shifter
and repeat these actions.
Eleventh step:
To slow down pull in the clutch, let off the throttle then hold the back brake lightly and push all the way down on the shifter a couple times, then to put it in neutral pull the shifter half way up.
Twelfth step:
To shut it off turn the key off, or hit the kill switch.
Thank you for choosing me to tell you how to start and drive a dirt bike.
seventh step:
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