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Pay It Forward

No description

Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Pay It Forward

Evaluate the factors that play a role in choosing housing
Summarize personal responsibilities in relationships with roommates, landlords and communities
Identify the services provided by Off-Campus Life Objectives Studying Daily Habits Rent Cooking Social Schedule Layout Roommates Daily Schedule 1. Study in room
2. Study at Carrier
3. Study at ECL
4. Other (Coffee shop? Clubhouse?) Ranks/
Priorities Amenities Dishwasher Air Conditioning Location, Location, Location, Apartments
Single Rooms Fireplace Hardwood
Floors Furnished Utilities Included Working Out 1. Don't work out
2. Use URec
3. Work out outside (complex) 1. Larger Common Areas?
2. Larger Bedrooms? Visit Properties If able, drive by at various times of day
-pets? Bills? Compare size of bedroom to common areas Inspect condition of unit Commuting 1. Drive
2. Bus
3. Walk/Bike
4. Other Noise Carpet Smoker Selection Process Create Wish List Contact
Properties Collect
Information Visit with Landlords
& Roommates Largest expense
Apartments: $400+
Townhouses: $450+
Duplexes: $500+
Houses: $200-$600+
Single Rooms $150-$300+ Lease Individual Pay it Forward web.jmu.edu/ocl/listings Fees Application Fee: NR $25+
*Application Deposit: NR $50+
Security Deposit: R $300+
*Redecorating Fee: NR $250+
*Landscaping: NR $500
*Key Fee: R $10+
NR - Nonrefundable
R - Refundable
*Optional Fees Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth
Off-Campus Life Landlord Responsibilities East Campus
Room 1130 OCL CONTACT Summer Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:30pm Cody Harrison
Sean Maher
Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth
Keely Walsh 540.568.6071 www.jmu.edu/ocl JMU Off Campus Life Programs Off-Campus Life:
Links jmu.edu/ocl udap.jmu.edu offcampushousing.jmu.edu Services House Hunters Website Roommate Responsibilities Bill of Rights
To read and study undisturbed in own room
To sleep without interference from roommates or guests
Respect of personal property
Clean living environment
Allowing guests (as long as they respect the rights of other tenants)
Free from fear of physical or emotional harm
Honor payment procedures Roommate Agreement
Early termination of lease
Domestic Responsibilities
Study/Quiet Hours
Overnight Guests
Cleaning Tenant to Landlord
Maintain a clean and safe dwelling
Do not deliberately damage the property
Conduct themselves and require guests to respect the rights of their neighbors
Use all utilities, facilities and appliances appropriately and responsibly
Regularly remove garbage and waste and dispose of properly
Abide by all laws, JMU Polices, rules and regulations, comply with applicable building, housing, health, and fire codes. Landlord to Tenant
Make all repairs necessary to ensure a fit and habitable dwelling
Maintain in good working condition all electrical, heating, plumbing, sanitation, ventilation, air condition and other facilities and appliances supplied
Keep all common areas clean and structurally safe
Comply with applicable building, housing, health, and fire codes. JMU Housing Guide Contact
Roommates Commit, sign & plan Pets 1. Pet owner/ Pets allowed
2. No Pets/no preference 1. State of kitchen important
2. State of kitchen not important 1. Morning Person
2. Night Owl Downtown/
Oldtown Port
Road South Main St. Cantrell Avenue Bedrooms

1-4 Pool Fitness Room Outdoor
Space Smoke
Free On Bus
Route Pets Allowed Parking Pets Furniture Cleanliness Policies on Sharing Visitors Cost
Number of Roommates
Number of Bathrooms
Condition (old/new)
Amenities Ask about policies and fees Ask how about
maintenance procedures Speak with previous tenants It is hard to begin to move when you don't know where you are moving, how to move, or if you are going to get there.
-Peter Nivio Zarlenga Questions? Virginia Residential
Landlord and Tenant Act Roommate contracts & conflict assistance Safety Measures Individual Locks Length -Living Priorities Rubric
-House Hunters Program Group/Joint Sign own lease, only legally responsible for self. May be placed with roommates at will of landlord. Guarantor All occupants sign one lease and are responsible for the full rent and damages as a group. Your group is responsible for filling vacancies. Sometimes only option depending on complex. Pay attention!! 9 month, 12 month etc. Move in date - only a few days prior to school starting Fees Responsibilities COURT! Roommate Agreements available from OCL Bath 1. Private Bath
2. Shared Bath Costs Expectations -Roommate Priorities Rubric,
-Online Roommate Finder
-OCL Internal List -Housing Guide
-House Hunters Program -Housing Guide
-OCL Website
-Leases on File with OCL
-House Hunters Program UDAP -Listings & Subleases
-Roommate Profiles
-Local Information JMU_OCL Sept.
JMU Life
Town & Gown Meeting Monthly:
Exploring the Valley
Budget Workshops Semesterly:
Housing Fairs
Roommate Mixers
Shopping & Cooking Workshops
Alternative Break Weekends Budgeting Assistance -Assistance with identifying priorities
-Housing Search Assistance
-Coordinate & conduct property tours
-Understanding Leases Landlord/tenant conflict assistance
-House Hunters Program -Lease
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