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Political system UK/US - comparison

No description

Annika Gerhard

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Political system UK/US - comparison

comparison Political system
UK US Great Britain USA Differences/Similarities Monarch head of state
(mostly representative functions)
head of the Church of England and
the Commonwealth of Nations
acts on the advice of the Prime Minister The government (Executive) Prime Minister head of the government
leader of the strongest party in the House of Commons Cabinet about 20 of the most important Ministers (heads of government departments) Parliament (Legislative) House of Lords over 700 members: (arch)bishops, hereditary peers and life peers
controls the government
checks bills passed by the House of Commons House of Commons 659 members
elected for each area in the UK
passes laws and makes decisions for the UK enfranchised people US citizen over 18 Legislative Executive Judiciary Electoral College Congress House of Representatives Senate Supreme Court Constitution President head of state
elected for four years
max. 2 terms of office
military commander
may veto legislation
can be removed by Senate Cabinet 15 members
chosen by President
approved by Senate
council of advisors for the president highest court in the US
9 members
nominated by the president
confirmed by Senate
interprets constitution
deals with disputes between states
can declare legislation/executive action as unconstitutional 100 members
controls president 435 members
introduces tax laws make law & control each other Electorate all men and women over the age of 18 elects
every 5
years officially
appoints officially
appoints part of the executive & legislative Important information judiciary is not a single body separate legal systems in England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland
the Supreme Court sits above them
UK has no written constitution
Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have own parliaments -form of government
-head of state
-Us-citizens elect president indirectly -separation of powers
-parliament (two chambers)
-enfranchised people are citizens over 18
-elect the parliament Sources http://www.fahnen-flaggen.eu/Aufkleber/1309%20USA%20LANDK%20Kontur.jpg
worksheets from English lessons: the UK-Tradition and Change; the UK at a Glance
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